Message from the Chair

Rising Toward a New Level of Excellence!

Welcome to the Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) in the College of Science and Technology at Temple University. Last year, we were excited to introduce plans to expand research and areas of education as a push toward the next level of excellence. This year we are already seeing these initiatives come to fruition.

The continued development of our department is reflected in our growing student enrollment. The number of new undergraduate majors has increased from 77 in Fall 2009 to 157 in Fall 2010. Graduate enrollment has increased 30% since Fall 2009.

This year CIS also welcomes new faculty members including Shan Lin, a tenure-track assistant professor. Shan Lin is from the University of Virginia and his research interests include Cyber-Physical Systems. CIS also welcomes two new non-tenure-track faculty members. Abdallah Kreishah, a teaching & instructional assistant professor joins the department from Purdue University after completing his Ph.D. degree there. Kreishah's interests include network coding, optimization and database. C. Chiu Tan joins the department as a research assistant professor, having finished his Ph.D. at the College of William and Mary. His research focus is on wireless security. With these new additions to the department, we hope to enrich the already vibrant learning community established here by bringing students and scholars together.

With increased student enrollment and new faculty additions, the CIS department is excited to provide a new environment for education and research. This year, the CIS department has increased faculty, research, office and class space in our 10th floor area and has completely refurnished the space. We have also opened a Student Learning and Community Center (SLCC), a large, modern area for study and socialization for CIS students. In addition, four new laboratory spaces have been created, including a work station and training facility for High Performance Computing funded by National Science Foundation (NSF).

As a department committed to the advancement of teaching and knowledge, we are pleased to introduce the new Master of Science in Information Science & Technology Program, which was launched in September of 2010. The MS in IS&T Program ( ) is intended to provide students with an advanced knowledge in the technology of developing information systems across a variety of applications settings. Students will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze and understand problems in different applications domains and apply current technology to help solve these problems.

We strive to emphasize the development of new knowledge and continued learning. As such, this has been a very active year for research grants. New grants have already exceeded $2.5 million and grant applications have increased by 35% from the previous year. Undergraduate student participation in research has actively increased, including 6 students supported under the REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) Grants from NSF.

We have been happy to provide a very successful colloquium series last year, including a distinguished lecture series with presentations by Vipin Kumar (University of Minnesota), Raymond J. Mooney (The University of Texas at Austin), David Clark (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Carl Landwehr (NSF and University of Maryland). We are pleased to announce another busy schedule of speakers this year.

I invite you to browse the entire CIS website. You will find many exciting events in CIS, including the Future of Computing competition, distinguished lecture series, and department colloquia, to name just a few.

The CIS faculty and staff are committed to making CIS the new center of excellence in computer and information sciences in the Greater Philadelphia region.

        Jie Wu
Laura H. Carnell Professor & Chair