Budget Model Governance & Committees

Budget Conference Advisory Council 
Hai-Lung Dai Provost
Ken Kaiser CFO
Jaison Kurichi Budget Office
Bill Wilkinson Budget & Finance- Provost's portfolio
Katie D'Angelo Administration & Planning
Mike Sitler Deputy Provost
Rafael Porrata-Doria Beasley School of Law
S. Kenneth Thurman College of Education
Steve Balsam Fox School of Business
Barry Berger School of Pharmacy
Catherine Panzarella College of Liberal Arts
Jane Evans Tyler School of Art
Mark Rahdert Beasley School of Law
Wendy Magee Boyer College of Music and Dance
Ceridwyn King School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Nina Gentile School of Medicine
Members of the Council of Deans*  served on the Support Unit and Auxiliary conferences


Budget and Financial Affairs Advisory Committee 
Ken Kaiser, Chair VP, CFO & Treasurer
Jaison Kurichi Budget Office
Katie D'Angelo Administration and Planning
Bill Wilkinson Provost Office: Finance and Administration
Rod Jones School of Podiatric Medicine
Debbie Feldman Beasley School of Law
Diana Breslin-Knudsen Fox School of Business
Don Heller School of Media and Communication
Ann Untalan School of Medicine
Steve Lengkeek College of Engineering
Joy DeJesus Facilities, Operations & Construction (includes Campus Safety, EHRS & Parking)
Tim Theiss Athletics
Michael Scales Student Affairs Operations & Housing
TBD - Sunaina Soares Research Financial Administration
TBD Strategic Marketing & Communications
Conrad Muth Bursar/Student Competency Center
Paul McDonald General Accounting/Finance Competency Center
Kristin Grubb Provost areas -Academic Support 
Bill McMaster Computer Services/Technology
Michael Mancano School of Pharmacy 
Michael Klein Center for the Arts
Robin Kolodny College of Liberal Arts
Catherine Schifter College of Education
Ceridwyn King School of Tourism and Hospitality Management


Institutional Research & Data Reporting Committee 
Jodi Laufgraben Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Assessment and Institutional Research
Alexandra Yanovski Undergraduate Studies
Barbara Dolhansky Associate Vice President, Computer Services
Bhavesh Bambhrolia Sr Associate Registrar
David M. Benson Sr Technology, Banner Student Competency Center
James W. Degnan Sr Director, Institutional Research & Assessment
Jaison G. Kurichi Associate Vice President, Budget
Leanna T. Phan Sr. Technology, Student Financial Services
Michael J Toner Associate Director, Graduate School
Myra Taksa Director Systems, Application Support
TBD Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
Patricia Finley Sr Research Analyst, Faculty Affairs
Paul R. McDonald Sr Director, General Accounting
Rich J Hetherington Associate Director, Institutional Research & Assessment
TBD Director, Sponsored Research
Sally M. Frazee Director, Institutional Research & Assessment


Internal Service Charges & Process for Review
Ken Kaiser Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Mike Sitler Deputy Provost
Jaison Kurichi Associate Vice President for Budget
Greg Anderson Dean, College of Education
Robert Stroker Dean, Center for the Arts
Joy DeJesus Associate Vice President for Facilities, Ops & Construction
Rich Rumer Associate Vice President for Business Services
Katie D'Angelo Assistant Vice President, Administration & Planning
Conrad Muth Bursar/Student Competency Center
Bill Wilkinson Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, Office of the Provost
Patrick McAndrews Associate Controller


Banner Finance Focus Group
Pat McAndrews Controller's Office
Paul McDonald General Accounting & Finance Competency Center
Ted Fry General Accounting & Finance Competency Center
Jerry Barber General Accounting & Finance Competency Center
Andrew Dimeo College of Science and Technology
Sonia Khalil School of Media & Communication
Carol Buck School of Pharmacy
Diana Breslin-Knudsen Fox School of Business
Paula West School of Medicine
David Broadus Student Affairs
Dominique Kliger University College