Facilities Management


One of the systemic recommendations that several Support Units are implementing includes the centralization of important information and communication with a clear path of inquiry to get questions answered and problems resolved.

The recommendations specific to Facilities Management are:

          1. Automatically generated emails to work requestors updating them on the status of their requests will reduce customer frustrations with responsiveness and transparency. These emails will include a link to a brief optional customer satisfaction survey, which will allow customers to provide feedback on their interaction with the department.
          2. Providing Unit Managers with access to detailed financial and work status information in read-only format on AIM (Facilities Management work order tracking system) will allow them to act as liaisons between Facilities Management and its customers. This access will create transparency and reducing ambiguity for customers.
          3. Formalizing the roles and responsibilities of Unit and Zone Managers will increase accountability, allow for better management of customer expectations, and enhance the relationship between Facilities Management and its customers.
          4. By obtaining ISO certification, Facilities Management will lead to improved and more efficient process. It will also increase customer confidence in the department, which will be especially important given the transparency under RCM.

Progress Report:

Acknowledgements are now sent for each work request received through TUmarketplace, which include contact information for Facilities staff. This is an extension of procedures already in place at the Health Sciences Campus.

An initial review process is being developed so requesters will get an automatic response within 2 business days of their requisition being assigned a work order number. Efforts are also underway to refine auto responses, to include a projected start date, a department contact person, and status updates. To 'close the loop' Temple customers are receiving a receipt for delivered service which confirms "we have responded" with the work request or job slip number, the work done, who completed to project and how to contact Facilities Management for further assistance.

A Service Level Agreement for Facilities Customers is being developed to outline what services are included within the allocated costs and plant fund assessments, and will be accompanied by a 'rate sheet' to provide pricing information on services outside of this standard level of service (e.g., room set up for a conference).

With a portfolio as complex as Facilities, Operations and Construction we found it helpful to describe the departments within the portfolio that deliver the services covered by the Service Level Agreement and the cost allocation:

Service Operations

  • Transportation and Logistics Support
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • General Housekeeping

Campus Planning and Design

  • Capital Planning
  • Landscape Design

Facilities Management- Main Campus (including Dentistry, Ambler, TUCC and Podiatric Medicine) and the Health Sciences Center

  • Building Maintenance, Repair and Replacement
  • Temperature Control
  • Life-Safety Systems
  • Campus Grounds and Building Exterior
  • Emergency Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Construction Management
  • Utilities Management



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