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(March 2015) Temple University has converted to a Procure-To-Pay (P2P) model within our purchasing and accounts payable departments. Phase one of the P2P conversion includes the implementation of two new TUmarketplace modules; AP Director and Contract Manager. These new modules not only provide efficient processing in purchasing and accounts payable, they provide full access to your contracts, requisitions, purchase orders and invoice payment status.

AP Director manages electronic invoices through TUmarketplace. The benefits to you include:

        • Ease in automated approval of your invoices through TUmarketplace.
        • TUmarketplace email notifications when the invoice process requires a receipt.
        • Ability to enter your receipt directly to your TUmarketplace purchase order.
        • Track and view status of your payment request.
        • Flexible invoice matching and data validation.

Contract Manager will provide a centralized repository for university-wide contracts available for the procurement of goods and/or services within TUmarketplace. The benefits include:

        • Ability to locate and view university contracts available for your use to reduce efforts in locating a source for product/service.
        • Budget tracking efficiency by automatically encumbering funds when purchase orders are issued against a contract.
        • Efficient tracking of product or service purchased against a FOAPAL when placing a contract order in lieu of blanket orders.

For inquiries about AP Director, contact Theresa Cook, (215) 926-2040,;

For inquiries about Contract Manager, Donna Schweibenz, (215) 926-2030,


(July 14, 2014) TUhelp goes live in Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Research Accounting, General Accounting & Access Control

(April 25, 2014) The latest issue of FINewz features the implementation of Service Cloud. Through this new application, staff will be able to submit and monitor help requests, similar to the CS Help Desk.



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