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The mission of Temple University’s Center for Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy (CBUHP) is to partner with community members, health care providers, and policy makers to create model programs and practices aimed at eliminating health care disparities in the urban setting.

News Spotlight

2015 Summer Intern Program
We are now accepting applications for the 2015 Summer Intern Program here at the Center for Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy. Find out more about the program here!

Philadelphia CeaseFire Marks National Youth Violence Prevention Week
Philadelphia CeaseFire joined with the Philadelphia Youth Commission and Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro linebacker Connor Barwin on Thursday at the Philadelphia Art Museum for a press conference in recognition of National Youth Violence Prevention Week. 6ABC-TV and NBC10-TV provided coverage of the event. Philadelphia CeaseFire is an outreach initiative of Temple University School of Medicine and focuses its efforts on stopping shootings in the 22nd and 39th Police Districts in North Philadelphia.

Interview with PHENND
Dr. Norma Alicea-Alvarez
, Director of Community Engagement at CBUHP, was interviewed by the Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development. Dr. Alicea-Alvarez discusses how the Center works with communities to work toward achieving its vision of health equity. You can read the interview in full here.

Violence Reduction through Conflict Mediations
Marla Davis-Bellamy, Esq.
, along with Criminal Justice PhD student Hannah Klein and associate professor Caterina Roman, will present "Violence Reduction through Conflict Mediations: An Examination of the Cure Violence Public Health Model in Philadelphia" at the Second College of Physicians' Section on Public Health's Public Health Day Symposium. The event is on Monday, April 6, 2015, from 8:30am - 12:30pm and will be held at the College of Physicians. It is free and open to the public, but requires registration. Please visit the College of Physicians website for more information.

"Mini Medical School" and CBUHP Featured in Temple Health News Digest!
Diana Huang
, MA/MD class of 2017 and CBUHP Intern, and Dr. Norma Alicea-Alvarez, are featured in the Temple Health News Digest about their educational initiative at the North Philadelphia high school Building 21. This article, which you can read on page 4 here, describes the health- and science-focused curriculum.

ACP Health Policy Symposium 2015: Health Care as Public Policy

Since the 2008 Presidential Election, the role of government in health insurance has consistently been in the news. But what about the role of government policy in other aspects of healthcare? What is the responsibility of government to take an active role in determining the course of medical practice and research? When does government overstep its bounds? And how can we, as members of the health care and research communities best ensure that our voice—and that of our patients—is heard in the arena of policy-making?

The event on February 21st featured the following topics and speakers:

- Current Legislative Issues Impacting Physicians: Dr. Barbara Connors, CMO Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services Region III

- Reproductive Health Law: Professor David Cohen, Earle Mack School of Law

- Student Involvement in Health Policy: Dr. Gregory Kane, ACP Pennsylvania Chapter Southeastern Region Governor

- Health Policy and Social Determinants of Health panel featuring:
-- Dr. Kathleen Reeves on Social Determinants of Health
-- Marla Davis Bellamy, Esq on Violence
-- Dr. Norma Alicea-Alvarez on Education
-- Dr. Matthew Lucas on Research
-- Dr. Nora Jones on Urban Bioethics

Novel Educational Initiative Spearheaded by MA/MD Student

Diana Huang, MA/MD class of 2017 and CBUHP Intern, is leading an educational initiative at the North Philadelphia high school Building 21. The program is in its infancy, only including ninth graders so far, and gives studentsp--many of whom were two grade levels behind--opportunities to explore careers in medicine and the sciences.

Read more about the program here, as well as see a video of Diana in action.

Building Communities of Trust Roundtable

On January 16, 2015, Marla Davis-Bellamy and Robert Warner joined Attorney General Eric Holder in Philadelphia for one of the many roundtable discussions aimed at developing trust between law enforcement and the communities that they serve. Read more on philly.com. Former Philadelphia Mayor Wilson Goode is seen at left with Robert Warner, Philadelphia CeaseFire Program Manager.

CBUHP is now on Twitter!
Thanks to Diana Huang, MD/MA class of 2017 for taking the initiative to establish our account and for the diligence in maintaining it with wonderful links, re-tweets, and commentary.

We hosted a #BioethxChat (read transcript here!) on November 3 on how to make Bioethics relevant to and for an urban population. BioethxChat is a live tweetchat account that brings together students, professionals, and members of the general public together in conversation.

Visit http://bioethxchat.wix.com/bioethx for more information about these weekly events.

Please follow on Twitter @TempleCBUHP!


CeaseFire Philadelphia was honored by the North Central Victim Services with their Community Advocate Recognition Award, an award given to groups who are dedicated and devoted to making our neighborhoods safer. Congratulations to Marla Davis-Bellamy and all of the CeaseFire team.

The Hispanic Choice Awards honored Dr. Norma Alvarez with the Education Champion of the Year ‘Futuro’ Award on October 11th at the Merriam Theater during a televised event. This prestigious award is presented to the individual, organization, or institution that has demonstrated a relentless commitment to advancing education in the Latino community. The Latino community of North Philadelphia nominated Dr. Alvarez for her work in creating partnerships to target the reduction of health care disparities. Dr. Alvarez conducts educational workshops in the community on health and healthcare and provides health screenings. In addition, she educates graduate and medical students through her community engagement course on how to best identify the health care needs of community members to develop strategies, workshops, and initiatives to mitigate disparate care.

CBUHP on the Radio
Frank McClellan, JD, and Nora Jones, PhD, were guests on the afternoon drive radio show, The Nick Tallaferro Show, on 900 AM the WURD. Frank and Nora talked with Nick and his callers about the Jahi McMath case, brain death, and care at the end of life.
January 2014

The CBUHP is the proud home of the MA in Urban Bioethics!

The MA in Urban Bioethics, offered through the CBUHP, trains students in the ethics and values of health, health care delivery, and health law and policy underlying the urban context of density, diversity, and inequalities. Coursework is practical, methodological, and theoretical. The degree is designed for Temple graduate students and area professionals who face, or will soon face, the complexities and disparities of urban health, and want specialized training in the
ethics, values, and politics of health care in our increasingly multi-dimensionally diverse society.