Navigating the Carver Science Fair can be both exciting and challenging for parents and children. The following are some simple tips to help guide you through the Carver Fair rules, process, and expectations.


1)    Open, download, and read the Student/Teacher Handbook from the Carver website. This handbook contains critical information such as application deadlines, event locations, project requirements, and similar details. We strongly suggest consulting this handbook and the Carver website often, as deadlines, times, and locations are subject to change.


2)    All Carver participants do not have to live but must go to school within the City of Philadelphia boundaries. All Philadelphia public, Archdiocesan, charter, private, and home-schooled children are welcome to participate in the science fair.


3)    Carver Fair applications are submitted by the students' school or by a school teacher. Since there is limited space at the Carver Fair, each school has a maximum number of projects that they can enter into the Fair. Therefore, schools are responsible for managing and entering their students' science fair projects. This rule does not apply to home-schooled students; these students can enter their projects without going through a school or a school teacher.


4)    Once your child's Carver Fair application has been submitted and accepted, there are a series of events of which you should be aware. These are described in detail on pp. of the Student/Teacher Handbook and include your child's attendance at both the Judging Day and Awards Ceremony.


5)    For questions about your child's school-based science fair, application process, project and student transportation, and other school-specific information, you must contact your school-based science fair coordinator. Depending on the school, grade, or other factors, this may be a science department head, classroom teacher, or other designated individual. If you are not sure whom to contact or how to reach that person, begin with your child's classroom teacher or the school principal.

6)    For city-wide science fair questions, contact one of the Carver Fair coordinators:


Thomas Anderson, Jr.
Director /Co-Founder
Temple University
Room 201 D
1700 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
phone: 215-204-4673
fax: 215-204-6676



Ambra B. Hook
High School Instructional Programs
Office of Teaching & Learning
School District of Philadelphia
Second Floor - Suite 2018
440 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Fax: 214-400-4211



7)    While many individuals are available to help your child understand and successfully participate in the Carver Science Fair, you are your child's most essential advocate. Please continue to attend to the Carver Fair details and assist your child with his or her involvement. Moreover, although not all children win awards at the Carver Fair, it is important that you support and honor your child's participation, regardless of whether they win or loose. 


For additional details or information, please contact Nancy Peter, Carver Committee Member and science fair parent:

Nancy Peter, M.Ed.
Out-of-School Time Resource Center
University of Pennsylvania
School of Social Policy and Practice
3815 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6179
Phone: 215-898-0640
Fax: 215-573-2791