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A Jump Shot Handball

League Play: Begins, March 10, 2015

Days Played: Sunday evenings
Location: Pearson/McGonigle 3rd Floor Courts

Leagues Available: Men, Women, Co-Rec

Registration Period:  Feb. 2 - Feb. 18
Registration Location: Pearson/McGonigle Halls, Room 303
Registration Fee: $60 per team

Payment Accepted: Cash, Check or Diamond Dollars

Teams must register at Follow steps listed on IM Home Page.


All free agents and team captains must be represented at Captain’s Meetings.

  • Dates Tuesday, February 24, 2015 @ 7pm -or-
  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 @2:45pm
  • Location: Pearson/McGonigle Halls Room 304A


A team consists of five (5) players each, including a goalie; four players are needed to avoid a forfeit. Co-Rec teams must maintain the following ratio: [3M, 3F = 6; 2M, 3F = 5; 1M, 4F = 5; 0M, 5F = 5]. Players arriving late can join the game right away.



Handball Rules

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Champs Gallery

Handball Men's Champ 2015: O'Houlihans Wheelchair Handball Co-Rec Champs 2015: Victorious Secret

O' Houlihans Wheelchair

2015 Co-Rec Handball

Victorious Secret

2015 Co-Rec Handball


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