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Student Rec Board


The Student Recreation Board ("SRB") is responsible for overseeing the programming, utilization and operations of the student recreation facilities on the University's campuses that are dedicated by express Presidential decision exclusively for student recreational activities and use. At the present time, the IBC and TUF Student Recreation Centers, the planned new Student Fieldhouse on the Main Campus, several fitness areas in the Pearson\McGonigle Complex, other designated spaces on the Main Campus, the Health Sciences campus, the Ambler campus, as well as outside spaces on all the campuses (the "Facilities") are so dedicated.

All currently enrolled Temple University students paying the Student Recreation Fee (the "SRF") will be entitled to use the Facilities, subject to the terms of these Guidelines and the University's policies, rules and regulations.

Pursuant to this delegation of authority by the President, the SRB will determine eligibility and other criteria for use of the Facilities by others, including Temple part-time students, faculty, staff, alumni, guests and others.


The SRB shall consist of one student representative from each of the University's schools and colleges on the Main, Health Sciences Center, and Tyler Campuses, one student representative from the Ambler Campus, and two representatives selected by Temple Student Government.

All student members will be elected or appointed annually. The Dean of each School or College will establish procedures to ensure that the member of the SRB representing that school or college is selected in a fair and representative manner; the Vice President of Student Affairs will establish similar procedures for the Temple Student Government representatives; and the Vice President and Dean of Temple University at Ambler will establish them for the Ambler representative.

Each representative must be a currently enrolled student in good academic standing in the pertinent school or college throughout the term of appointment. In the event a vacancy occurs during the year, an appropriately qualified student may be appointed by the Dean or Vice President, respectively, to fill the unexpired term.

At the first meeting of each academic year, the SRB shall select a Chair and Vice-Chair from among its members.


Although final decision-making authority in student affairs, pursuant to the Bylaws and through Board of Trustees' delegation, is lodged in the University administration, the intent here is to treat the SRB as if it had final authority as set forth below (with final approval of SRB determinations by the University administration not to be unreasonably withheld).

To establish policies and thereby to oversee the use of the Facilities. These duties and powers include establishing criteria and eligibility requirements for use of the Facilities (including participation in activities in them), and the determination of usage fees for those not paying the SRF (i.e., part-time students, faculty, staff, alumni, guests and others).

To create and publish such rules, bylaws, and regulations as may be needed to govern the activities, and the conduct of participants, guests, organizations and others using the Facilities. Such regulations may include additional fees for special programs, activities, classes or other services.

To determine the usage of uncommitted revenue from the SRF and other fees established by the SRB pursuant to these Guidelines.

To consider all other matters relating directly or indirectly to the use of the Facilities and the activities in them.