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Independence Blue Cross Recreation Center

1701 N. 15th Street | 215.204.2200

Open since the beginning of the 1998 spring semester, the Independence Blue Cross Student Recreation Center provides patrons with a variety of quality recreational opportunities and is the primary area for general fitness activities and programs. Access is available to students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Temple University who have paid the rec fee; access policies are strictly enforced. Located at the corner of 15th Street and Cecil B Moore Avenue, the entrance to the center is off of 15th Street across from the parking garage.

First Floor Fitness

First Floor IBCThe first floor fitness space of the IBC includes a free weight area with rubberized flooring that includes dumbbells, squat racks, bench presses, free weight multi-use benches, smith machines, abdominal exercise equipment, and a multi-use cable machine.

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Second Floor Fitness

Second Floor Fitness at IBCThe second floor fitness space of the IBC includes several pieces of "selectorized" equipment for toning various muscle groups. Also available on 2nd floor fitness is a stretch area, abdominal work area, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair-steppers, and recumbent and upright bikes for cardiovascular workouts. Patrons must sign-up in 30 minute intervals to use the cardio equipment on the board directly to the right hand side of the 2nd floor backpack lockers. Patrons may bring a headset in order to tune into the TV station in our cardiovascular area.

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Indoor Track

Indoor TrackThe indoor track is located on the third floor of the IBC. Jogging and walking are designated on individual lanes. The track is 314 meters with 3 lanes, with four stretch areas, various cardio equipment, and a lap clock.

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Erny Outdoor Court

The Erny Outdoor court at the IBC is available for use by all IBC patrons during regular business hours. Participants can use the outdoor court for:

  • Basketball
  • Special events

Special events and facility rentals have priority over open recreation on the outdoor court. The outdoor court is closed when the IBC is closed and also during inclement weather. Check out the current Campus Recreation Activity and Program Schedule for the Erny Outdoor Court Schedule here.

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Racquetball Courts

Racquetball CourtsThe IBC provides patrons with the use of 4 glass enclosed, standard size racquetball courts on the second floor of the IBC. Court B is available for wallyball play. If interested in wallyball set-up please speak with the equipment desk monitor. Rules for racquetball and wallyball are available in the literature racks near the equipment desk.

Walk-ins are welcome for the racquetball courts, however reservations are recommended in order to secure a court during peak hours.
Reservations can be made up to 48 hours in advance:

  • In-person Reservation: Patrons may sign up for a one-hour reservation at the second floor equipment desk.
  • Phone Reservation: Phone reservations can be made by calling (215) 204-2200 during business hours. If calling after hours, you can now leave a voicemail on the racquetball reservation line. Reservations are not confirmed until a Campus Rec staff member has returned your call.

Patrons must check-in with the equipment desk staff prior to using the court. Tournaments and rentals have priority over open recreation and reservations of the racquetball courts.

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IBC Services


Towel Service at IBC and TUF have been suspended due to budget reduction as of August 2012. Click here for more information.

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Equipment Loan

The equipment desk is located on second floor of the IBC. The equipment desk provides equipment for:

  • racquetball equipment (goggles, balls, racquets)
  • Boso balls
  • foam rollers
  • resistance bands
  • oblique sticks
  • body bars
  • ab rollers
  • magazines
  • hand weights (1 & 2 lbs)
  • medicine balls
  • stability balls
  • stability discs
  • walleyball equipment

Equipment is also available for check-out at the front check-in counter of the IBC for:

  • basketballs
  • weight belts
  • wrist straps
  • heart rate monitors
  • dip belts
  • small handweights (1 & 2 lbs)
  • wrist rollers

Please have your OWLcard or Alumni ID available upon check-out of equipment.

All equipment rented must be used internally at the IBC and may not be removed from the facility.

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Lockers and Locker Rooms

There are two locker rooms at the IBC designated for men or women. Both locker rooms include showers, lavatories, electrical outlets, baby changing stations, and day use and rented lockers. Additionally, there are ADA accessible shower stalls and lavatories in each locker room. Security codes to the women's locker room can be obtained from the front check-in counter staff.
The IBC has a variety of storage options on the first and second floors of the IBC for patron belongings, in order to keep the facility free of clutter:

  • 25 cent refundable wallet lockers (first floor only)
  • 25 cent refundable book bag lockers
  • Day use (lock not provided) and rented lockers

Any items stored in the refundable lockers or day use lockers must be removed upon exit from the facility; otherwise Campus Rec staff will remove items at closing time. Unclaimed locker items will be donated to charity within 48 hours of removal.

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Rental Lockers

Half and full size rental lockers are available per semester in both the men's and women's locker rooms at the IBC. The price for a half length locker is $13.00 and the price for a full length locker is $20.00 during the fall and spring semesters. During the summer, half length lockers cost $5.00 and full length lockers are $10.00. In order to rent lockers, individuals must have paid the rec access fee and provide a valid ID. All locker sales or renewal transactions occur at the IBC Student Recreation Center during regular hours of operation. It is recommended that a second padlock be put over the built in combination lock that comes with the rental locker. Rental lockers must be renewed each semester prior to its expiration date.

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