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Mission Statement

Message of Safety from the Director

Medical costs are constantly rising and the expense of an unforeseen accident can seriously delay or even destroy a student’s academic career. The administration of Campus Recreation hopes that all students are protected against such a misfortune, and strongly suggests that students not currently covered by a health and accident insurance policy obtain that coverage as soon as possible.

Steve Young
Director of Campus Recreation


Statement of Operational and Philosophical Intent

Recreational Sports activities have traditionally been among the most popular of the non-academic pursuits of college students. College life is more exciting and fulfilling when classroom learning is supplemented by a varied and productive array of leisure endeavors.

The primary goal of the Department of Campus Recreation is to provide the university community with quality-oriented leisure time opportunities in a safe environment. These sport-related activities may take many forms, such as intramurals, sport clubs, informal recreation, special events, aquatics, group fitness, adapted recreation or student staff development. Participation and engagement shall be the main focal point, with a range of activities being available to everyone from the casual beginner to the highly skilled competitor. Additionally, it is hoped that those individuals participating in Campus Recreation programs will gain a full appreciation of the physiological, psychological and social value of active recreation and participation; as well as a better sense of their own ability to function productively in both a cooperative and competitive environment.

Thomas Jefferson once made mention of recreation and its potential value to all within academia. He said, "Exercise and recreation are as important as learning, perhaps more so, for without health what is learning." The intent of this department is to provide the necessary effort that would allow participants the opportunity to realize such value.


Campus Recreation Year End Summary

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