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02626/Graphic Art and Design

0001-0002. Foundation Design (3 s.h.) FS respectively
Foundation course centering on design elements and principles of organization with problems in structure, image, and color.

0103-0203. Digital Imaging (3 s.h.) FS
This course deals with photographic images and how ideas can be expressed through the manipulation of these images using the computer as a tool.

0116. Survey of Printmaking Techniques (3 s.h.) FS
A survey of the basic printmaking media. The course introduces intaglio, relief, and lithographic printmaking techniques with a number of short projects designed to give a broad experience with the media. Additional topics pertinent to all the media include matting, print storage, and an historical survey in slides and actual examples.

0117-0118. Graphic Design (3 s.h.) FS
Design principles are explored with an emphasis on visual communication.

0133-0134. Serigraphy (3 s.h.) FS
Fundamentals of water-based serigraphy as a fine art print medium. The course introduces various screen stencils and blockouts and color transparencies.

0135-0136. Etching (3 s.h.) FS
A fundamental course of etching media. Dry point, etching grounds, aquatint, intaglio, and relief media may be explored.

0137-0138. Lithography (3 s.h.) FS
A basic course in metal plate lithography. Preparation, processing, and printing are studied. The course introduces transfer and photo-lithography.

0140. Photo Graphics (3 s.h.)
A graphic design studio course utilizing photographic techniques, processes, and image manipulation to solve graphic design problems ranging from editorial and advertising to film and video graphics.

0146. Introduction to Computer Graphics (3 s.h.) FS
An introductory course to computer graphics using the Apple IIe and Mac II. The course is designed for artists in all disciplines using the computer as a design tool. Video-digitized images are also explored.

0147. Graphic Design Production Techniques (3 s.h.)
Skills and techniques needed to produce final art for reproduction will be covered in lecture and workshop sessions. Both traditional and computer generated methods will be demonstrated.

0164. Commercial Photo Techniques (3 s.h.)

0171-0172. Photography I (3 s.h.) FS
Principles and techniques of black and white photography to include camera operation, film development, printing, and presentation. Personal vision and photography within the culture considered as an integral part of the process.

0173-0174. Photography II (3 s.h.) FS
Advanced projects in black and white photography to include technical development as well as development of personal vision through the photographic medium.

0175-0176. Color Photography (3 s.h.) FS
Prerequisite: GAD 0171 Photo I. An introduction to basic skills in color processing and printing with an emphasis on development of personal imagery and the history of color picture making.

0177-0178. Animated Film (3 s.h.) FS
After studying the principles of animation in this course, the student plans and executes a film based on a sequence of arranged objects or graphic designs.

0201. Graphic Arts Process (3 s.h.)
A technical and information course dealing with fundamental and advanced graphic art information for the artist, designer, printmaker, and photographer working with offset lithography. The course is limited to senior and graduate students with the instructor's permission.

0252. Interactive Design (3 s.h.)
This course enables students to begin designing for interactive CD-ROMs, the World Wide Web, and motion graphics. While staying current with the latest technologies, the emphasis will be on communication through interactive design and on what is unique to good designing for this emerging field. A sound working knowledge of PhotoShop and Illustrator is necessary. Good planning, clear thinking, and attention to details will be shown as key assets to producing projects.

0253-0254. Advanced Graphic Design (3 s.h.) FS
Prerequisite: GAD 0117 Graphic Design. Design as it relates to visual communications. Typography, symbol, image and visual organization are considered in the context of contemporary practice.

0255-0256. Illustration (3 s.h.) FS
Prerequisite: GAD 0117 Graphic Design. A consideration of the image as a means of communication. Design of such graphic idioms as the poster, the book cover, and the record album cover.

0257-0258. Typography (3 s.h.) FS
Prerequisite: GAD 0117 Graphic Design. Typographic forms studied as both visual and verbal means of communication.

0260. Illustration Methods and Materials (3 s.h.)
Directed toward the illustrator interested in further development of drawing and painting skills. Areas of study include narrative imagery, pictorial illusion, and space, and their combined potential for communication. Personal imagery and situations and photographic reference will also serve as source material.

0278. Photography III: Advanced Black and White Photo (3 s.h.)
A continuation of Photography II with an introduction to the zone system. Emphasis will be on the development of a professional portfolio.

0279-0280. Photo Process Workshop (3 s.h.)
Prerequisite: GAD 0171 Photo I. Studio orientation to specific photographic processes or procedures outside traditional silver printing. Workshop orientation varies from semester to semester according to specialization of faculty teaching the class.

0281-0282. View Camera (3 s.h.) FS
Prerequisite: GAD 0171 Photo I. An introduction to the view camera; its basic operation functions, specific uses, and potential as a creative tool are studied.

0283. Intermediate Computer Graphics (3 s.h.) FS
Application of computer software programs such as Quark XPress and Adobe Illustrator to graphic design projects. Emphasis on the integration of computer applications to the problem-solving process.

0286-0290. Senior Graphic Design (3 s.h.)
Advanced problems in graphic design.

0291. Design Studio Techniques (3 s.h.)

0297-0298. Advanced Typography (3 s.h.)
A course for the student equipped with the basic rudiments and skills of typography. Long range individual projects will increase sensitivity to the typographic form as a tool of communication.

0321-0322. Advanced Etching (3 s.h.) FS
Advanced problems in etching and relief processes. The following areas are examined: color etching, photo etching, copper engraving, power tools, and mezzotint, relief media, and embossing. The course also analyzes contemporary methods in printmaking.

0331-0332. Advanced Lithography (3 s.h.) FS
Prerequisite: GAD 0137 Lithography. Theory and practice of color lithography, photolithography, editioning, and advanced platemaking techniques.

0336. Color Print Workshop (3 s.h.)
A methodical study of color printing problems as they are presented by the intaglio, relief, and lithographic media. Color theory and practical techniques are combined, giving experience in all phases of multicolor graphic production.

0338. Relief and Monoprint Workshop (3 s.h.)
The directness of both the woodcut and monoprint processes allows students to master technical concerns quickly, and thus concentrate on the image possibilities. In woodcut students experiment with traditional chisels and non-traditional tools and multi-color printing.

0345-0346. Advanced Serigraphy (3 s.h.) FS
Advanced water-based silk-screen printing with emphasis on expanding students' definition of screenprinting so that screenprinting becomes a part of their own studio research. The course includes research, field trips, and frequent critiques.

0347-0348. Printmaking Workshop (3 s.h.)
Studies in printmaking emphasizing individual instruction for students of varied backgrounds.

W349. Art Career Workshop (3 s.h.) FS
Creative and practical art career problems of an artist and preparation of the art student for postgraduate challenges.

0350. Senior Projects Workshop/Seminar (3 s.h.)
A combination workshop/seminar course in which the senior printmaker, through classroom and individual discussion with the instructor, develops and produces a major print project. The course ends with a formal presentation of all the projects.

0362. Senior Portfolio (3 s.h.) S
Projects during the senior year are reviewed in conference with the graphic design faculty. The student prepares a portfolio while solving advanced problems in design.

0364. Photo Publication: Quiver (3 s.h.)

0383-0384. Senior Photography (3 s.h.) FS
Development of a theoretical and conceptual base for long-range involvement with photographic image-making and processes. The course generally includes research, field trips, and the organization of a final portfolio of work.

0385-0390. Senior Graphic Design (3 s.h.) FS
Advanced problems in graphic design that may include television graphics, art direction, publishing, corporate design, computer-aided design, environmental graphics, and packaging, depending on the semester offered.

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02602/Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture (PDS)

0001-0002. Foundation Drawing (4 s.h.) FS
A foundation drawing course that concentrates on developing basic skills. The course examines varied media in the study of the figure, geometric composition, landscape, and an introduction to color as it relates to drawing.

0003-0004. Three Dimension (3 s.h.) FS
A foundation course-paired with Crafts 0004-that teaches students to use three- dimensional concepts. The course emphasizes the mastery of ideas using basic materials.

0111-0112. Figure Modeling (3 s.h.) FS
This course stresses clinical observation as well as analytical response to issues pertaining to the body. The nature and aspects of representation in the sculptural tradition are considered.

0131-0132. Painting (3 s.h.) FS
Introduces the second-year student to the procedural logic necessary to articulate the figure and still life in oil and acrylic media. The student is encouraged to explore invented as well as analytical form.

0143-0144. Intermediate Drawing (3 s.h.) FS
Drawing considered as an art form with emphasis upon both disciplined draftsmanship and imaginative composition.

0169-0170. Sculpture (3 s.h.) FS
Develops the integration of sculpture concept and practice, and the critical analysis of completed sculpture through a series of projects that investigate basic sculptural processes and issues. Lectures on directions in sculpture, technical demonstrations, and group critiques are scheduled.

0205. Drawing Workshop (3 s.h.)
Studies in drawing emphasizing individual instruction for students of varied backgrounds.

0207. Painting Workshop (3 s.h.)
A studio painting course with emphasis on the development of a student's individual point of view. Class work will focus on the development of the student's ability to work at a conceptually advanced level. Experimentation is encouraged.

0221-0222. Advanced Sculpture (3 s.h.) FS
Emphasis on developing of an individual direction in sculpture through studio work, drawing, writing, and some research. Progress is reviewed through individual critiques. The development of critical analysis of completed work is emphasized in group critiques.

0223. Site-Specific Installation (3 s.h.)
Investigations into the intrinsic meaning of the "site" will be coupled with the effective channeling of those issues into the work of art. Ideas, material, and placement will be analyzed so as to achieve cogent integration into the site. Lectures, individual discussions, and group critiques are scheduled.

0236. Public Art Projects (3 s.h.)
The class will introduce the processes involved in designing actual site-specific public art projects. These will include research, concept development, architectural drawings and model buildings, and presentation techniques. Studio visits with architects, model makers, sculptors, and project coordinators are an integral part of the course.

0243-0244. Mold-Making Technology (3 s.h.) FS
Various mold-making techniques will be covered including plaster, rubber, and wax. Sundry materials will be cast including: plaster, hydrocal, cement, rubber, wax, etc. The course focuses on the way these techniques serve sculptural thinking.

0249. Junior Sculpture Seminar (3 s.h.)
This studio class is a bridge from lower level introductory courses to advanced studio work. Aspirations of the profession, studio principles, and critical thinking are stressed, along with readings and discussions in contemporary art theory.

0253-0254. Figure Drawing (3 s.h.) FS
An advanced course focused entirely on the human figure as subject. There is emphasis on a variety of approaches to drawing the figure. Dynamics, proportion, anatomy, volume, and structure will be investigated through various drawing methods and selected materials. Frequent historical references will be made through reproductions and slides, and 20th century figure drawing will be thoroughly discussed.

0257. Landscape (3 s.h.) FS
An examination of painting problems involved in the variable light, space, and form of cityscape and landscape. Work from various sites and sources.

0258. Figure Painting (3 s.h.)
A painting course based on direct observation. Fundamentals of oil painting as well as an understanding of anatomy, composition, and the relationship of the figure to its environment are stressed. The development of an individualized approach and the use of content are explored through group discussion and assigned work.

0266-0267. Advanced Painting (3 s.h.)
A studio painting course with emphasis on the development of a student's individual point of view. Class work focuses on the development of the student's ability to work at a conceptually advanced level. Experimentation is encouraged.

0270-0271. Color (3 s.h.) FS
The study of color, its characteristics, and interaction, explored through studio painting experiences.

0277. Painting on Paper (3 s.h.)
A study of the uses of aqueous media beyond transparent watercolor. Opaque watercolor, collage, and transfer techniques, and oil and acrylic on paper are explored.

0278-0279. Advanced Drawing (3 s.h.) FS
A course designed to encourage the development of mature skills in draftsmanship.

W286. PDS Seminar (3 s.h.) FS
Group discussion and individual presentation concerning formal, conceptual, historical, and personal creative issues in contemporary painting and drawing.

0290-0291-0292-0293. Advanced Painting (3 s.h.)
A studio painting course with emphasis on the development of a student's individual point of view. Class work focuses on the development of the student's ability to work at a conceptually advanced level. Experimentation is encouraged.

0331-0332. Senior Painting Studio (3 s.h.) FS
The senior painting studio program is designed to provide an intensive studio experience while working in individual studio space. The group works with four faculty in individual and group critiques. Admission to the program is by faculty selection through the competitive process of portfolio reviews.

0335-0336. Senior Sculpture (3 s.h.) FS
A combined studio and seminar course for senior majors in sculpture emphasizing knowledge of contemporary issues in sculpture, and critical and analytical skills through research projects and group discussions. The preparation of a portfolio and statement of individual working philosophy are part of this course.

0337. Critical Dialogues (3 s.h.) FS
Critical Dialogues is offered twice yearly. Advanced undergraduate students as well as graduate students are eligible to take the course. The class is comprised of a different visiting speaker each week. There are approximately 12 speakers in all. We invite artists, critics and curators. We purposefully invite an extremely broad array of speakers with distinctively differing vantage-points as well as of varying races, sexes, sexual orientations and ages.

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R188. Art, Race, and the American Experience (3 s.h.) FS
The course will examine manifestations of racism in our society and their reflection in the art world. Areas of major focus will include non-white influences on American artists; the exclusion of artists of color from the mainstream; the perpetuation of racist practices toward culturally diverse art forms and artists; the attitudes, behaviors, and expectation of students toward art and race.

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