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Course numbers and description codes

Each courses has a course number. It is followed by the name of the course, the number of semester credits given for the satisfactory completion of the course, and the semester it will be offered. Courses also indicate prerequisites and other requirements to be met. In addition, some courses meet requirements toward other program requirements. These codes are listed below.

Courses that begin with a letter indicate the course meets a particular requirement

C fulfills a University Core Curriculum requirement
W counts toward satisfying the Core Curriculum's Writing requirement
X satisfies a Core Curriculum requirement and counts toward satisfying the Core Writing requirement
R satisfies the Core Studies in Race requirement, and may satisfy another Core requirement as well
H is a University Honors course

Core Curriculum abbreviations indicating core distribution

CO Composition
IH Intellectual Heritage
AC American Culture
AR The Arts
IN The Individual and Society
IS Language/International Studies
LA Language (first semester)
LB Language (second semester)
QA Quantitative Reasoning (first semester)
QB Quantitative Reasoning (second semester)
SA Science and Technology (first semester)
SB Science and Technology (second semester)
RS Studies in Race
WI Writing-intensive
WR Studies in Race and Writing-intensive
XA The Arts, Studies in Race, and Writing-intensive
XC American Culture, Studiesin Race, andwriting-intensive
XN The Individual and Society, Studies in Race, and Writing-intensive
XS International Studies, Studies in Race, and Writing-intensive

Letter indicates which Semester a course is offered

F Course offered in the fall semester
S Course offered in the spring semester
FS Course offered in the fall and spring semesters
SS Course offered in a summer session

s.h. indicates the semester hours credits given for satisfactorily completing the course

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