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Institute on Aging

Albert J. Finestone, M.D., Executive Director
Kathy Segrist, ABD, Assistant Director
206 University Services Building
(215) 204-6834

The Institute on Aging offers a Certificate in Gerontology Program in cooperation with schools and colleges throughout the University. Gerontology is the scientific study of aging and encompasses many disciplines. Therefore, the certificate program is designed to provide the student with an interdisciplinary education along with practical experience in the field of aging.

The 18 credit hour program may be completed in conjunction with a degree program or as a separate emphasis program for persons not currently enrolled in a degree program. All students must register and complete 15 credit hours and a field placement or action research project. Students are expected to finish the program within a five year time span.

To enroll in the Certificate of Gerontology program, all students must submit:

Additionally, undergraduate students who are enrolled in a degree program must submit evidence of admission into the degree program and an official transcript showing coursework completed to date. Non-matriculated students at the undergraduate level must submit evidence of college experience.

When taking gerontology electives, the certificate student is expected to focus all class projects and papers on aging-related topics and issues in later life. No more than two gerontology electives may be taken prior to admission into the Program.

Gerontology Electives (15 credits required)

Health Studies
Health Counseling (324)
Human Sexuality and Family Living Education (325)
Death and Dying (328)
Coping with Life Stress Workshop (348)
Holistic Health and Aging (350)
Leisure and Aging (341)
Program Supervision in Long Term Care (348)
Physical Education
Exercise and Aging (313)
Aging (Topics in Psychology Series 320)
Death and Dying (343)
Social Welfare
Psycho-Social Aspects of Aging (368)
Societal Responses to Aging (369)
Group Work with the Elderly (378)
Perspectives on Elder Abuse (202)
Loss and Grief (373)

Field Experience -- All students are required to register for a field experience or active research project.

The Institute on Aging also offers a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology. An undergraduate student may count any of the graduate level gerontology electives toward the undergraduate certificate. However, the student must receive approval from an academic adviser and the course instructor prior to registering for a graduate level course.

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