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Intensive English Language Program and Course Descriptions

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The Intensive English Language Program is a full-time day program offered by the Office of International Services and is designed to prepare non-English speakers for undergraduate, graduate, or professional courses of study at colleges and universities in the United States. Instruction is available for all levels, from beginning to advanced. All skill areas are included (grammar, speaking, reading, writing, listening), with special attention given to communicative facility, academic, and research skills.

A full session lasts 14 weeks, but students may also be admitted at mid-term. Class size is strictly limited, and students spend 20 hours per week in class. TOEFL preparation classes are also available, as well as courses arranged at the request of businesses, sponsoring agencies, and other special interest groups. Through its non-credit English courses, the IELP strives to meet all students' English language needs and to introduce them to American culture.

Students in this program have the option of living in on-campus housing or living with an American host family during their studies.

Course Descriptions

Intensive English Language Program

001. Beginning (20 hours per week)
No previous knowledge of English is required. Students learn to comprehend, speak, read, and write English through an integrated approach to language learning.

002. High Beginning (20 hours per week)
Listening comprehension and vocabulary are developed through interactive activities, helping students begin to internalize grammatical structures and read with greater comprehension.

003. Low Intermediate (20 hours per week)
While listening, reading, writing, and speaking continue to be developed, the curriculum at the low intermediate level begins to focus on academic skill development.

004. High Intermediate (20 hours per week)
This level is a transition between intermediate and advanced level work. Students at this level should have a firm basis of structural knowledge and comprehension. The focus is increasingly on academic vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

005. Advanced (20 hours per week)
Students at this level often have well-developed receptive skills but need to focus greater attention on the productive skills of speaking and writing. The students approach learning through content-based units.

006. Pre-Academic (20 hours per week)
Students at this level sharpen their academic skills for listening to lectures, taking notes, doing research, writing exams and papers, and speaking in academic settings.

Electives (4 hours per week)
Students in 005 and 006 may take an elective course in each half of the semester (TOEFL Preparation, English for Business, Current Events, Speaking and Presentation Skills, Pronunciation, etc.)

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