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Center City Campus (TUCC)

The Temple University Center City (TUCC) campus is the downtown campus of the University. Headquartered in Center City Philadelphia at 1616 Walnut Street, TUCC is designed to meet the expanding educational needs of adults who live or work in Center City. TUCC offers an outstanding selection of undergraduate and graduate courses, full degree programs, and stimulating workshops and seminars in the daytime, in the evening, and on weekends. The campus also has an exciting cultural program of poetry readings, dance performances, concerts, and lectures.


1616 Walnut Street

The University occupies 10 floors at 1616 Walnut Street, in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. The campus bookstore is on the lower level, the Adult Student Services Center is located on the first floor, and the TUCC Director's office is on the second floor. The 1616 building also houses Non-Credit Programs, Extension Services, the Real Estate Institute, the Temple Association for Retired Professionals, the Library Resource and Computer Center, and TUCC's Media Services Center. Altogether, there are over 70 classrooms and seminar rooms, labs and studios at the campus.

Conference Facilities

The Temple University Center City campus provides convenient meeting facilities for the University and surrounding businesses and organizations. Support services are available to assure successful conferences and meetings. Call the TUCC Conference Secretary at (215) 204-4357 for more information.

Academic Programs Offered

The following Temple University schools/colleges/departments usually offer courses at TUCC during the academic year:

Non-Credit Continuing Education Programs at TUCC

Asbestos and Lead Abatement Center
As an EPA-sponsored Regional Training Center, the Center offers EPA-certified initial and refresher courses in the following Asbestos (A) and Lead (L) disciplines: Worker (A&L), Contractor/Supervisor (A), Supervisor/Project Planner (L), Building Inspector (A), Inspector (L), Risk Assessor (L), Management Planner (A), and Project Designer (A) at TUCC. The Lead courses also follow the HUD guidelines. In addition, the Center has a Lead Awareness course for laypersons. By special arrangement, courses may be given at the client's location. Call (215) 204-6479 for more information.

The Business Agenda
The Business Agenda, a division of Non-Credit Programs, addresses the needs of adults for continuing professional education in the areas of career development, business management, business communications, and business computer applications. This coursework is geared to specific job levels and requirements ranging from seminars for middle and upper-middle managers to first-line supervisors to support staff. Instructors are practicing professionals and often are members of Temple's faculty.

Institute for Continuing Studies
The Institute for Continuing Studies responds to the growing number of adults who seek new avenues for personal growth. They can explore new areas of interest and meet others like themselves in an educational environment designed for their schedules.

The Institute for Continuing Studies offers courses in the following areas:

For more information about both The Business Agenda and Institute for Continuing Studies, call Non-Credit Programs at (215) 204-4335 or 204-6946.

Real Estate Institute
The School of Business and Management's Real Estate Institute offers a broad spectrum of courses in real estate and related fields for the individual who is seeking professional advancement, but not an academic degree. Courses offered by the Institute, when successfully completed, allow an applicant to qualify for the Pennsylvania Salesperson Licensing examination and, together with a three year apprenticeship and additional education, for the Pennsylvania Real Estate Brokers examination under existing state law. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who successfully complete each course of study. For more information call (215) 204-1530.

Music Preparatory Division
The Esther Boyer College of Music's Preparatory Division offers people of all ages and abilities - from the beginner to the experienced musician - continuing opportunities for musical growth and enrichment. The Division is designed both for pre-school through high school age students who are considering music as a future career or serious avocation and for adults who wish to develop their musical skills and interests. For more information, please call (215) 204-1512.

Temple Association for Retired Professionals
The Temple Association for Retired Professionals (TARP) is a membership organization designed for retirees. Men and women join TARP to renew their educational interests at the university level without the traditional course structure.

Members become both students and leaders/teachers in the special courses, seminars, workshops and other educational programs sponsored by TARP. Study and discussion courses cover such topics as current affairs, literature, languages, art, physical education, music, religion, theater, and science. Members also may audit one University undergraduate course each semester, subject to University policy. Call (215) 204-1505 for more information.

School of LawÑGraduate Law Center
Temple University's School of Law offers an L.L.M. in Trial Advocacy for graduate attorneys as well as non-credit Continuing Legal Education courses on various topics to keep practicing attorneys informed and to enhance their skills. All classes are taught by leading practitioners. Trial Advocacy courses are offered in the evening; non-credit courses are offered during the day and in the evening. Call (215) 204-8982 for more information.

Student Services

Academic Advising and Evening Services
The Office of Academic Advising and Evening Services coordinates the advising and evening services for the Center City Campus. This office should be contacted by students who have not yet applied or been accepted into a degree program, but are interested in taking academic courses. In addition, this office monitors the academic progress of non-matriculated students through the various schools and colleges. The Office of Academic and Evening Services can also assist the new student at the Center City campus in identifying University resources and services. Please call Denise Berardi at (215) 204-4358 for information or an appointment. Matriculated students can call the TUCC Arts and Sciences adviser at (215) 204-1509, the TUCC Undergraduate Business Adviser at (215) 204-1182, or the TUCC Graduate Business Adviser at (215) 204-0460.

Adult Student Services
The Adult Student Services at the Center City Campus is located on the first floor of 1616 Walnut Street, one flight up from the building lobby. Its accessible location and evening hours enable busy adult students to register for courses, use SIGI-PLUS for career assessment, or explore with an adviser the many options at the Center City Campus. Adults 22 years and older may also contact the Educational Services Component of the Russell Conwell Center on the Main Campus at (215) 204-7602 when applying for admission to the University.

The TUCC Bookstore, a division of the Main Campus Student Store, is located in the Lower Level of the 1616 Walnut Street Building. The Bookstore carries course textbooks, supplemental works, selected best sellers and paperbacks, and Temple University gifts and clothes. Call (215) 204-1527 for information.

Career Development Services
Career Development Services on Main Campus provides TUCC students with career planning and placement services. TUCC students are encouraged to schedule appointments for career advisement, and a representative from Main Campus will meet with them at the Center City Campus. Call (215) 204-7981.

Cash Operations Office
The Cash Operations representative at TUCC processes tuition payments and can also assist with billing problems. Payment is accepted by check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and MAC. Call (215) 204-1175 for information or assistance.

Library Resource and Computer Center
The TUCC Library Resource and Computer Center is located on the fourth floor of the 1616 Walnut Street Building. Services for TUCC students include:

Public copy machines using cash or vendor cards are available on the 4th and 5th floors.

The Center's staff assists students in the use of the mainframe and personal computers as well as library research. Call (215) 204-6950 or (215) 204-1521 for further information.


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