Undergraduate Bulletin Updated for 1997-1998

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Programs Offered

Charts lists Temple University baccalaureate and associate degree programs alphabetically, showing which school or college grants the degree; the name of the degree; the campus or campuses on which all or most of the course work of the degree may be completed; and Bulletin department page links go to more detailed information about the program and its courses.

Note that information about post-baccalaureate programs only denotes degrees offered.

Students should be aware that, while all programs cannot be completed on all campuses, courses in many programs are offered on multiple campuses. To learn what specific courses are offered on which campuses in a given semester, refer to the Directory of Classes.

Below the list of links to sections of the chart is information about the abbreviations used in the charts.

The information is alphabetical and divided into six charts.

Key for Campuses

Key for Schools and Colleges

Degree Symbols and Classifications

Chart keys:

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