Undergraduate Bulletin 1996-1998

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Health Sciences Center

Programs and services of the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, the College of Allied Health Professions, and Temple University Hospital are at the Health Sciences Center. Buildings and facilities, covering some 20 acres, extend to either side of North Broad Street from Allegheny Avenue to above Tioga Street. Public trans-portation to the campus includes the "C" bus on Broad Street, the Broad Street subway (Allegheny stop to the south; Erie stop to the north); the North Broad and the North Philadelphia stations of the Regional High-Speed transit lines are between the Health Sciences Center and Main Campus.

The School of Dentistry is located at 3223 North Broad Street. The Dental-Allied Health-Pharmacy Library is located at 3323 N. Broad Street. The College of Allied Health Professions' lecture rooms and laboratory and the School of Pharmacy are located at 3307 N. Broad Street. The College of Allied Health Professions' Dean's office and department offices are located in Jones Hall.

Many of the facilities of the School of Medicine, including the Medical School Library, and Temple University Hospital are located on N. Broad Street, between Ontario and Tioga Streets. The Student-Faculty Center, on the southwest corner of Broad and Ontario Streets, provides a wide range of facilities, services, and educational programs. The Leisure Program Office provides educational, recreational, and auxiliary services, coordinates lounges and study areas, recreation classes, ping pong, pinball machines, basketball and volleyball intramurals, tennis, popular films, a cafeteria, art gallery, and seminars. The lower basement contains racquetball courts, weight rooms, and complete locker room facilities with saunas. The fourth floor houses a full continuing education and conference center. For more information, call (215) 707-4017.

Each of the schools and colleges located at the Health Sciences Center offers student and academic services. For a specific program or service of the undergraduate schools, refer to the appropriate section of this Bulletin, or inquire at the office of the Dean. For information about the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, contact their respective Dean's offices.

On-Campus Housing and Dining Options

Edith Bolling Jones Hall provides on-campus living options for students in the Schools of Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Medicine, and the College of Allied Health Professions. The facility offers single and double room living accommodations with common bathrooms, laundry, social lounge areas, and kitchens. The first floor offers additional space for socializing, a large screen television viewing area, recreational equipment, and a baby grand piano. A study lounge is available in the student living areas, and a penthouse features a glass-enclosed lounge and a roof-top exercise area.

Meal plan options, although not mandatory for Jones Hall residents, are available, with dining offered at the Student-Faculty Center, the Hospital cafeteria, and the Main Campus dining hall.

Jones Hall is open during the breaks of the academic year and during the summer. Accommodations during break periods are available at an additional fee.

For more information, visit Jones Hall at Park Avenue and Ontario Street, or call (215) 707-3739. **  **  **