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At Temple University, we believe that all undergraduate students need to acquire a set of skills and a body of knowledge that will have lasting value. We believe that the need for this knowledge transcends an individual's chosen area of specialty as well as an individual's career goals. We believe that the different roles each of us may play - as professionals, as parents, as spouses, as informed citizens, and as members of a community - will be enhanced and be more fulfilling when we have both a broader and a deeper understanding of the many factors that influence the conditions of our lives.

Achieving these goals requires a combination of factors. These factors include learning to use language effectively, developing the ability to handle quantitative data, understanding our cultural and political history, developing an understanding of a culture and/or a language other than our own, acquiring an appreciation for the creative arts, and understanding the differences between individual and communal needs.

Core requirements, as they are delineated below, will be completed by all undergraduate students. Highly motivated students, who seek especially challenging courses, may wish to apply for admission to the University Honors Program, which offers special honors courses that meet Core requirements. For further information about Honors, see Special Academic Programs.

The University Core Curriculum is divided into the areas described below. Each area has a list of courses approved as satisfying the requirements for that area. For detailed course descriptions, please see the appropriate department in Course Descriptions. Because all approved courses are not offered every semester, students should consult the current Directory of Classes for available Core courses.


Library Orientation 0
Composition 3
Intellectual Heritage 6
American Culture 3
The Arts 3
The Individual and Society 3
Language/International Studies 3-6
Quantitative Reasoning 6-8
Science/Technology 6-8
Studies in Race 3
Three Additional Writing Courses, as needed -

Important Core Policies

Core Course Numbering

The course number provides important information about a course, including whether or not it receives Core credit and, in some cases, which Core requirement it meets. Because some courses exist in several Core versions, or in Core and non-Core versions, students should pay careful attention to course numbers and to which version of a course they take.

Numbers for courses that meet Core requirements begin with the letters "C," "R," "W," or "X." Those prefixes, along with the two-letter Required Course Indicator (RCI), provide information on the Core area a given course will meet.
C Satisfies a requirement in one of the Core areas except Studies in Race and Writing-Intensive.
R Satisfies the Studies in Race requirement, and may also fulfill another Core requirement, as indicated in the RCI.
W Satisfies a Writing-Intensive requirement.
X Satisfies a requirement in one of the Core areas, and also satisfies a Writing-Intensive requirement. Courses numbered in the 0090's or 0190's are Honors Core courses.
RCI Course Requirement(s) Fulfilled
AC American Culture
AR The Arts
CO Composition
IA, IB Intellectual Heritage
IN The Individual and Society
IS International Studies
LA, LB Language
QA Quantitative Reasoning, First Level
QB Quantitative Reasoning, Second Level
RC Studies in Race and Composition
RS Studies in Race
SA Science and Technology, First Level
SB Science and Technology, Second Level
WI Writing-intensive
WR Studies in Race and Writing- intensive
XA The Arts, Studies in Race, and Writing-intensive
XC American Culture, Studies in Race, and Writing-intensive
XN The Individual and Society, Studies in Race, and Writing-intensive
XS International Studies, Studies in Race, and Writing-intensive

Core Areas

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