01716/Speech Communication

Students currently taking English 0040 may not register for this course.

0065. Public Speaking (3 s.h.) F S SS

Students prepare, present, and evaluate speeches to inform and persuade on significant topics of public concern. Students learn principles of public speaking and critical thinking: those concerned with the discovery and evaluation of arguments and evidence, organization, style, audience analysis and adaptation, speech composition, and presentation skills.

W065. Public Speaking (3 s. h.) F S Core: WI

Same as 0065, but with instruction and practice at writing manuscript speeches.

R082. Campaigns and Movements in America (3 s.h.) F S. Core: XC

The struggle for black equality in America, viewed from the perspectives of campaign and social movement theory. Course begins with the civil rights movement, moves through black power and subsequent white backlash, then examines current controversies using books that take diametrically opposed positions. Aim in part is to improve critical thinking and communication skills.

0174. Argumentation (3 s. h.) F S

Students learn the basic principles of making arguments. Includes ways of analyzing arguments, organizing ideas, providing evidence for claims, and preparing brieF S. Students prepare speeches and debates on current public policy issues.

0180. Strategies and Tactics of Persuasion (3 s. h.) F S

Persuasion viewed from the perspectives of the persuader and the persuadee. Designed to make students more effective in both roles, and also to raise troubling ethical questions. Covers politics, product advertising, religious cults, education, and much more. Extensive use of media in conjunction with readings, lecture-discussions, and assignments.

0280. Political Communication (3 s. h.) F

Strategies and tactics of advocacy in political settings. Focus on persuasion in electoral campaigns, and in other political conflicts.

W300. Seminar in Communication and Advocacy (3 s. h.) S Core: WI

Content and format variable. Emphasis on research on special topics in communication and advocacy, e.g., political advertising, rhetoric of social issues, rhetorical genre, interpersonal influence, presidential communication, rhetorical masterpieces, etc. Could be single topic, individual topics, group project.
Note:Capstone course for Speech Communication majors.

0302. Rhetorical Criticism (3 s. h.) S

Methods of analyzing speeches and other types of advocacy. Critical approaches including neo-Aristotelian, metaphoric analysis, genre analysis, analysis of form and structure, argument analysis, etc. Students present written and oral critiques of a variety of rhetorical artifacts.

0397. Independent Study in Communication and Advocacy (1-3 s. h.) F S SS

0398. Independent Study in Communication and Advocacy (1-3 s. h.) F S SS

0399. Internship in Communication and Advocacy (3 s. h.) F S SS