0111-0112. Elements of Beginning Chemistry (4 s.h.) FS (even-numbered years)

A fundamental view of science recommended for the student who would like to enter a scientific field but lacks adequate background. A two semester sequence. Important chemical phenomena and their explanations. Development and use of chemical theories and the mathematical skills needed in their use. Colisted with Chemistry C051-C052.

0360-0361. Physical Science for Teachers (3 s.h. each) FS (odd-numbered years)

For in-service and prospective teachers K-12 who need to strengthen their physical science knowledge. Appropriate topics from physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

0362. Ecology and Field Biology for Teachers (3 s.h.) S

For in-service and prospective teachers K-12. Principles and examples of ecology. The Schuylkill Valley Nature Center is used for field work investigating topics such as population, succession, and food chains.

0364. Environmental Science for Teachers (3 s.h.)

0365. Meteorology for Teachers (3 s.h.) S (odd-numbered years)

The facts of meteorology, forecasting, and climatic studies as a science. Discussions, field trips, laboratory exercises, and films. Guest speakers review current work in meteorology. The planetary nature of the science.