01521/Real Estate

0101. Real Estate Fundamentals (3 s.h.) FS

A survey of real estate transactions, financing, marketing, land use control, and theories of urban development. Designed to acquaint the student with the language, principles, and laws that govern the real estate enterprise. The underlying concepts of land, property rights and the means, methods, and laws that govern the conveyance of these rights.

0102. Real Property Law (3 s.h.) FS

Certain aspects of the law of real property. Creation and transfer of estates in land; the law relating to joint estates, adverse possession, fixtures, licenses, easements, the capacity to hold and convey title. Agreements of sale, options, lease purchase agreements, deeds, condominium ownership, and cooperatives.

0103. Real Estate Practice (3 s.h.) FS SS

Required for the Real Estate Licensing examination, this course will explore the laws relating to the creation and transfer of interests in land including the Agreement of Sale, deeds and leases. It will also discuss the recording system for deeds, mortgages, title searches and title insurance, financing, the appraisal process, closing procedures for residential and commercial real estate, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, listing agreements, and the licensing law for real estate brokers and salespersons.

0105. Real Estate Financing (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisite: Real Estate 0101.

The legal nature of the real estate mortgage; the sources and methods of financing residential, commercial, and industrial transactions; structure of the mortgage market; principles of mortgage risk analysis; policies and practices of major lending institutions, the banking community and investment trusts; government programs.

0106/W106. Real Estate Valuation I (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisites: Real Estate 0101 and 0102.

A basic course covering the theory and principles of appraising real property and the process, methods, and techniques utilized, including market data analysis and income approach to value.

0109. Real Estate Investments (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Real Estate 0101.

The course is intended to provide an introduction to the real estate investment process. This process is a series of organized and coordinated steps that investors may follow to systematically analyze potential real estate investments in a real wor ld. Several topical areas are covered including identification of goals and objectives, the environment for investing, the development of cash flow statements, the analysis of investment criteria, and the investment decision.

0394. Special Topics (3 s.h.)

Special topics in current developments in the field of real estate.

0395 - 0396. Independent Study (1 - 6 s.h.) FS

Prerequisites: Consultation with a faculty member and approval of department chairperson.

Readings and/or papers in consultation with a faculty member