0051 - 0052. Elements I and II (4 s.h. each) FS. Core: LA.

Exposure to hearing and practice in speaking Portuguese. Practical vocabulary and conversation. Reading and vocabulary building. Development of reading skill. Classroom and language laboratory drill.

0062. Intermediate (3 s.h.) FS

A continuation of activities designed to achieve communicative competence in Portuguese. Aural-oral skills, reading and writing are emphasized. The cultural component is strong.

0201. Composition and Conversation (3 s.h.)

The course provides a grammar review and devotes time to reading comprehension. However, the main thrusts of the course are oral expression and practice in writing short essays in standard Portuguese.

0210. Readings in Portuguese (3 s.h.)

This course develops listening, speaking and writing skills, but the main emphasis is on reading comprehension. Course work develops broad reading skills that do not require the aid of translation or word-by-word analysis.


0303. Directed Reading (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisites: Two semesters of Portuguese or permission of instructor.

Special readings of Portuguese by arrangement with the Portuguese adviser.

0340. Survey of Brazilian Literature (3 s.h.)

Over view of Brazilian prose fiction in the cultural context of post-independence Brazil, with an emphasis on 20th century novelists and playwrights.