01973/Mathematics Education (Elementary)

01983/Mathematics Education (Secondary)

0140. Math Concepts/Skills Teachers (3 s.h.) F S SS

This course will examine those concepts and skills commonly found in an elementary school mathematics classroom, including operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers, proportions and percents, geometry, probability, interpreting data, algebra, and number theory. Focus will be on mastering and explaining underlying concepts found in these content areas and promotes finding connections in mathematics and on the development of problem solving ability and higher order thinking skills.
Note: This course is prerequisite for teaching math N:6, Teaching Science N:6, and the Mathematics and Science practicum.

0141. Teaching of Mathematics K-6 (3 s.h.)

Prerequisites: Mathematics C055 (or comparable course) and one course in either philosophy (Logic) or statistics or advanced mathematics. Must be admitted to the Certification Program.

Explore content and mathematical foundations of contemporary programs, cognitive development of the learner, instructional materials and strategies, appropriate use of technology. Stress on development of problem-solving ability and of higher order thinking skills.

0146. Methods and Materials in Secondary Mathematics (3 s.h.) S

Corequisite: Student teaching. Must be admitted to the Certification Program

Teaching strategies, learning aids, evaluative techniques, curricula, and special problems in mathematics instruction including motivation, reading, study skills, and classroom management

0147. Geometry and Its Classroom Implications (3 s.h.)

0148. Algebra and Its Classroom Implications (3 s.h.)

0277. Professional Subject Matter: Probability (1 - 3 s.h.)

0278. Professional Subject Matter: Statistics (1 - 3 s.h.)

0279. Professional Subject Matter: Elementary Functions (1 - 3 s.h.)

0281. Professional Subject Matter: Number Theory (1 - 3 s.h.)

0360. Basic Mathematics for Teachers (3 s.h.)

0366. The Teaching of Problem Solving (3 s.h.) F (odd-numbered years)

Prerequisite: Must be admitted to the Certification Program

Designed for the in-service as well as the pre-service teacher, this course will develop techniques for improving the problem solving abilities of students in mathematics. Emphasis will be on how to teach problem solving as opposed to merely solving problems.

0381. History of Mathematics (3 s.h.) F

Those mathematical ideas of particular significance in elementary and secondary school curricula: the development and introduction of Hindu-Arabic numerals, early computing devices, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry, etc. Ways in which history of mathematics may be used to enhance the learning of mathematical concepts by young students.