Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101) is a prerequisite for all other marketing courses.

0081. Introduction to Marketing (3 s.h.) FS

(Formerly 0101.)

Prerequisite: Economics C051; Economics C052 is a corequisite or prerequisite.

Introduction to the role of marketing in the U.S. economy and within the firm. The interaction of marketing with other business functions and with society. Study of marketing mix development and issues, including product, price, promotion, distribution, and the decisions involved.

0091. Introduction to Marketing - Honors (3 s.h.) F

(Formerly 0191.)

Open only to business designated honors students or with special permission. May be used to meet the marketing requirement of the Fox School of Business and Management. Introduction to the discipline of marketing. The nature of marketing activities in contemporary society and the firm. Study of marketing mix variables and decision processes involved in corporations and public agencies. Concepts from economics, behavioral sciences, and modern systems theory are incorporated.

W160. Consumer and Buyer Behavior (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisite: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101).

A survey and integration of concepts, theories, and frameworks that help explain the behavior of consumers. Topics include perception, product knowledge and involvement, decision making, learning, conditioning, and social influences such as culture , micro-culture, and social class. The course emphasizes the use of these concepts in developing marketing strategies. This is a writing intensive course.

0182. Advertising (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisite: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101).

Setting advertising objectives and budgets, clients-agency-media relations, demand stimulation, media selection and evaluation, and the social responsibilities and regulation of advertising at the level of the firm and of the industry.

0210. Marketing Research (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisites: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101), Statistics C021 and 0022.

Methods for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data relevant to the marketing decision-making process. Course will focus on structuring marketing problems in terms of specific research questions, understanding primary and secondary sources of marketing research data (including issues in data collection), using specific techniques for analyzing marketing research data, and using these analyses to make better marketing management decisions.

0220. Promotion Management (3 s.h.) S

Prerequisites: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101) and W160.

Strategic management of the entire promotion blend. Relationship of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity to meet the information needs of the pre-selected market segments. The interaction of promotion with the rest of the marketing mix and the transaction process will also be covered.

0221. Sales and Sales Management (3 s.h.) F

Prerequisite: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101).

A brief introduction to the behavioral aspects of personal selling and a discussion of sales management. The course includes recruiting, selection, training, motivation, compensation, control, and the strategy of matching the sales effort to the sales task.

0231. Retail Administration (3 s.h.) F

Prerequisites: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101) and W160.

Critical analysis of retailing strategy and management with intensive examination of selected current major problem areas unique to the retail sector of the economy.

0235. Introduction to Physical Distribution Management (3 s.h.) F

Prerequisites: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101) and MSOM 0105.

An introduction to the principles and problems of physical distribution management; the relationship of physical distribution to the rest of the marketing function.

0240. Direct Marketing (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101).

An introduction to the concepts, strategies, and applications involved in direct marketing. Application areas include: direct mail, broadcast, print advertising, catalogs, co-ops, telemarketing, inserts, and videocassettes. The measurability and accountability of direct marketing is stressed.

0250. International Marketing (3 s.h.) F

Prerequisite: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101).

Problems of marketing and analysis of the internal marketing system of countries with various types of political-economic structures. The strategic impact of economic, cultural, political, and legal differences on marketing is emphasized. International product, price, promotion, and distribution issues are also considered.

0260. Industrial Marketing (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101).

An introduction to the marketing of industrial and organizational goods and services. The course examines the process of industrial buying, sales forecasting, industrial marketing strategy, innovation, marketing mix management, and controlling marketing performance.

W360. Marketing Strategy Planning (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisites: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101), Marketing W160, Marketing 0210, and at least one other 0200 level marketing course.

The application of quantitative and behavioral techniques to the strategic planning and evaluation of marketing systems. The course emphasizes strategic decision making with regard to product research and development, price setting, promotion, channels of distribution, and physical distribution. This is a writing intensive course.

0394. Special Topics (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101).

Special topics in current developments in the field of marketing.

0395. Event Marketing. (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 0081 (formerly 0101).

Event marketing addresses how events such as sporting events, concerts, art exhibits, trade shows, celebrity book signings, etc., are planned and executed. Events are contrasted from other forms of goods and services marketing by virtue of their experiential nature; the consumer does not take title to them, nor does the consumer rent them, rather they are intangibles which are perishable (exist at a specific point in time). Students are exposed to the unique opportunities in the area through the development of marketing programs and plans that specifically address Event Marketing.

0396. Independent Study (1 - 6 s.h.) FS

Prerequisites: Consultation with faculty member and approval of department chairperson.

Readings and/or papers under supervision of a faculty member.