02417/Jewish Studies

0051. Beginner's Hebrew I (4 s.h.) FS

Formerly Jewish Studies 0001; Crosslisted with Hebrew 0051

Cultivation of the ability to read, write, and speak the language. Study of a basic vocabulary and fundamental rules of grammar.

0052. Beginner's Hebrew II (4 s.h.) FS

Formerly Jewish Studies 0002; Crosslisted with Hebrew 0052

Continuation of Beginner's Hebrew I with emphasis on conversation and composition. Reading of easy vocalized literature and reports.

C061. Intermediate Hebrew I (4 s.h.) FS Core: LB

Formerly Jewish Studies 0003 crosslisted with Hebrew C061.

Reading of moderately difficult Hebrew texts with discussion in Hebrew. Introduction to nonvocalized literature. Principles of vocalization and the irregular verb in all its conjugations. Laboratory work emphasizes the retelling of literature.

0062. Intermediate Hebrew II (4 s.h.) FS

Formerly Jewish Studies 0004 Cross-listed with Hebrew 0062

Continuation of Intermediate Hebrew I.


0005. The Image of the Jew in the Motion Picture (3 s.h.) F

This course will explore through a series of films the various images of the Jew in the motion picture. In each class session the students will view and discuss an appropriate film based on the film itself and relevant readings. The films are divided into three main groups—different views of the Jew from non-Jewish perspectives, different views of the Jew from Jewish perspectives, and different responses of Jews from Jewish perspectives to the perspectives of non-Jews. The third group of films is it self divided into three groups—the Jew as Zionist, the Jew as idealist, and the Jew as Holocaust victim.

0110. What is Judaism? (3 s.h.) F

Crosslisted with Religion 0224.

This course introduces students to the beliefs, rituals, customs, and practices of the Jewish people in a historical context through an analysis of a variety of religious, cultural, and political texts and artifacts.

0121. Survey of Jewish History (3 s.h.) F

Crosslisted with History 0112.

Jewish history from the destruction of the Second Jewish Commonwealth to the creation of the State of Israel. Focus on minority status, migration, persecution, economic adaptation, gender roles in different environments, acculturation and identity. Wil l include the medieval Jewish experience under both Christian and Islamic rule; the development of Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the United States; the changing role of Jewish women; the rise of Zionism; and the Holocaust.


0200. Topics in Jewish Studies (3 s.h.) FS SS

This course provides a cross listing for topics in other departments when they have a Jewish Studies content. Course content varies each semester. Students can obtain a description of the current version at the Jewish Studies office.

0211. The Philosophies of Judaism (3 s.h.) F

Crosslisted with Political Science 0270 and Religion 0225.

Close study of works by one or more political philosophers, stressing their relevance to an understanding of contemporary politics.

W221. Introduction to the Bible (3 s.h.) FS SS. Core: WI.

Crosslisted with Religion W240.

Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures. What is the Bible? Where did it come from? How can there be so many different interpretations of the Bible? An examination of the historical and religious background of the Hebrew Scriptures and the various kinds of literature in the Bible.

0231. Literature and Art of the Holocaust (3 s.h.) F

Crosslisted with GHR Classics 279.

One of the main assumptions of the course is that the Holocaust, which was considered to be a Jewish catastrophe, is humanity's catastrophe and affirmation of the bankruptcy and failing of western civilization. The literature of the Holocaust transmits the horrors and terrors in concentration camps, on the trains and in the snowy fields. The course will be offered in English.

0232. Israel in the Middle East (3 s.h.) S

Crosslisted with GHR Classics 0236.

Law, geography, education, religion, politics, eastern and western communities, and culture examined by experts in three fields. This course will be offered in English.

0233/W233. Jewish Humor Past and Present (3 s.h.) S. Core for W233: WI.

Crosslisted with GHR Classics 0278/W278.

The development of Jewish humor from the medieval ages through the Enlightenment through modern Israel. Focuses on the different literary forms of wit and humor. Representative works and authors are Ibn Zabara, Book of Delight; Perl, The Discovery of Secrets; and a Sholom Aleichem selection. Concludes with selections from Kishon, Ben-Amotz (Israel), Woody Allen, Sam Levenson, and Nadir (U.S.). This course will be offered in English.

R234. Anti-Semitism/Holocaust/Racism (3 s.h.) S. Core: RS.

Crosslisted with History R108.

A history of anti-Semitism with a focus on the Holocaust and racism. This course will investigate the development and implementation of racial anti-Semitism in Germany and compare Nazi anti-Semitism with other forms of racism and anti-Semitism in Europe and America. It will also explore the connection between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, the growth of neo-Nazism, and the complex relationship between American Jews and African Americans.

0331. Israel and the Arabs (3 s.h.) F

Crosslisted with GHR Classics 0275 and History 0230.

Development of Israel and its relationship with its Arab neighbors. Includes a discussion of the evolution of Zionism, the growth of Arab nationalism, the creation of the Jewish State, the plight of the Palestinian refugees, and an evaluation of peace prospects in the Middle East.

0342. Independent Study in Jewish Studies (3 s.h.) FS SS

Intensive study under individual guidance in a specific area suggested by the student and approved by the faculty adviser from the Jewish Studies faculty.