05501/Health Studies

0082. Child Abuse and Neglect (3 s.h.) F

Designed to assist in identifying, reporting, and referring child abuse and neglect cases. Support measures for families at risk, and child abuse and neglect policy development in a variety of programs.

C089. International Health (3 s.h.) F Core: IS.

Examines avenues of international cooperation in health; explores the most significant health problems and resources in developing and developed countries by focusing on international differences in health status, social/economic/political factors in health care, varied approaches to providing health services, the role of health workers, and the involvement of foundations and multilateral and bilateral agencies.

0100. Introduction to Health Professions (3 s.h.) FS

This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts and models of health, health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation, health care service delivery systems and organizations, health care financing, as well as outcome measures of services in different settings; to explore the variety and interplay of health professions, and help students develop the ability to delineate the role, function, and value of health education and therapeutic recreation within the health care system.

0101. Society, Drug, and Alcohol Perspectives (3 s.h.) FS

Current use of alcohol and drugs in society and the effects of one's experience with psychoactive chemicals. Historical, physiological, psychological, sociological, and philosophical perspectives.

0102. Disease Prevention and Control (3 s.h.) S

Selected transactions between individual, environment, and disease agents, and their influence on human diseases, human nature, and human environment.

0103. Health Psychology and Human Behavior (3 s.h.) FS

Introduction to health psychology, health behavior and health. The relationship between human behavior, and health will be explored. Major theoretical models of health behavior, applications to chronic illness and disability, and wellness and life management approaches.

0104. Nutrition and Health (3 s.h.) FS

Food habits and nutritional needs of young adults. Nutritional advertisements, food faddism, fad diets, deficiency diseases, and evaluation of diets.

0106. Human Sexuality (3 s.h.) FS

Sexuality and personal lifestyle. Human sexuality as a dimension of health personality; sex roles and sexual identity. The physiological bases of the sex drive, sexual function, and sexual response. Psychological factors related to sexual developme nt and expression.

0107. Consumer Health Advocacy (3 s.h.) F

Patterns in consumer behavior, present problems and trends in the health care delivery system, and modes of payment for personal health services and products. Consumer protection in the United States.

0108. Adapted Sport Fitness and Inclusive Leisure Studies for Individuals with Disabilities (3 s.h.) FS

Required of all students majoring in therapeutic recreation (recommended for other majors involved in services to persons with disabilities). Emphasis on delivery of sport, fitness, and leisure services to persons with disabilities in community settings, and the inclusion of special recreation services in community leisure service systems. Volunteer and other hands-on learning experiences are required.

0109. Collaborative Studies in Assistive Technology (1 - 9 s.h.) FS

An introduction to the broad scope of assistive technology devices and services available to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities, with a particular emphasis on leisure, recreation and play. Different types of disability and life stages will be considered. Participants will learn how to access resources in assistive technology.

0110. Health Studies Issues (3 s.h.) FS

This course explores the basic concepts of health and how they relate to our lifestyles. The student will acquire extensive knowledge of injuries and prevention, cardiovascular disease, cancer, human reproduction, human sexuality and communicable diseases including sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.
Note: Not open to health studies majors.

0140. Independent Study in Health Sciences (1 - 3 s.h.) FS

Individual projects in health science.
Note: Not open to health studies majors.

0188. Health Communication (3 s.h.) S

Communication processes and effects are examined from the perspective of: 1)interpersonal communication and personal health related to personality, attitudes, cognitive style, and quality-of-life issues; 2)interpersonal communication in the patient-caregiver relationship and the role of human interaction in the health dynamics of stress, conflict, social support; 3) organizational communication in health-care situations and organizational dynamics affecting the development of health-care policy; 4) mass communication processes related to the development and effectiveness of medical campaigns to promote good health and disease prevention

0200. Professional Seminar in Health and Therapeutic Recreation I (3 s.h.) FS

Introduction to various professional issues including, but not limited to, multi-culturalism, professional organizations, and ethics, as well as basic computer skills and uses in health studies disciplines.
Note: Open to health studies majors only.

0230. Health Science: Physical and Environmental (3 s.h.) F

Comprehensive health education information in physiological and environmental health for non-majors. Creative and innovative teaching methods.

0231. Health Science: Behavioral (3 s.h.) S

Health education and teaching methods in the areas of mental health, drug abuse, sexuality, family living, accident prevention, consumer health, and community health.
Note: For non-health studies majors.

0232. Health Science III (3 s.h.) F

For non-health studies majors. This course is designed to address the issues of community health, consumer health, communicable diseases, self help, medical care, and child abuse. A continuation of Health Education 0231.

0280. Internship I (3 - 5 s.h.) FS SS

Pre- or co-requisite: Health Studies 0303.

(Community health majors register for 5 s.h. and Therapeutic Recreation majors register for 3 s.h.) Involvement with ongoing health studies and therapeutic recreation projects and programs in a variety of agencies.

0288. Communication in Health Care Settings (3 s.h) F

Communication processes, issues, and problems in health care settings, particularly in the context of changes in health care organizations. Topics include communication between health care consumers and providers; in interdisciplinary health care teams; in self-help and support groups; and across ethnic diversity.

0300. Professional Seminar in Health and Therapeutic Recreation II (s.h.) FS

Prerequisite: Health Studies 0200

Continuation of Professional Seminar I. Topics include, but are not limited to: grantwriting, utilizing professional associations/organizations, workplace ethics, leadership and teambuilding. Prepares students for senior internship.
Note: Open to health studies majors only.

0302. Teaching Techniques (3 s.h.) F

Designed to introduce health studies majors to basic principles of teaching and help them develop a repertoire of essential teaching skills which will then be executed under controlled conditions; the course includes a one hour, weekly practicum.
Note: Open to health studies majors only.

0303. Teaching Health and Leisure Education (3 s.h.) S

Prerequisites: Health Studies 0312,0302, Physical Education C100, and C101.

For prospective health educators and therapeutic recreation specialists. An introduction to the various teaching techniques and their adaptations.

0304. Student Teaching (6 - 12 s.h.) FS

Teaching experience in a primary and secondary school.
Note: This course is for certification students only.

0310. Women's Health Issues (3 s.h.) F

Survey in women's health including common health concerns, reproductive health, childbirth alternatives, and physician/client relationships.

W312. Measurement and Evaluation in Health Studies (3 s.h.) FS Core: WI

A general introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics with emphasis on the development of the ability to interpret research findings and implement simple evaluative designs. Sampling techniques, principles of measurement, elementary concepts of experimental design, and basic methods of data analysis will be included.

W321. Community Health Programs (3 s.h.) F Core: WI

Overview of community health programs, functions, services, and interactions within and between public and private sector agencies on local, state, and national levels. Emphasis on designing innovative community programs to meet consumer needs.

0324. Counseling Techniques in Health and Therapeutic Recreation (3 s.h.) FS

An introduction to counseling techniques for individuals and groups. Provides the fundamentals of health and leisure counseling techniques.

0325. Human Sexuality and Family Living Education (3 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: Health Studies 0106 or permission of chairperson.

Straightforward sex information to create a more human framework in which sexuality has a meaningful and joyful role.

0328. Death and Dying (3 s.h.) S

General overview of the issues surrounding death, dying, and bereavement. Cognitive and affective strategies to help the student become aware of death-related coping behaviors.

0330. Foundations of Professional Practice in Therapeutic Recreation (3 s.h.) F

Introduction to the historical and conceptual roots of the therapeutic recreation discipline, and an overview of professional issues including service delivery models, legislation, professional standards of practice, and advocacy.

0331. Assessment and Documentation (3 s.h.) S

This course introduces students to the process of assessment and documentation in clinical practice. Introduction to the art of clinical writing, and the opportunity to practice in-take, assessment, treatment planning, writing progress notes, and discharge summaries are provided.

0332. Therapeutic Recreation Modalities (3 s.h.) FS

Experiential course that exposes students to a variety of therapeutic approaches, activities, and materials used in Therapeutic Recreation practice for individual and group work in various service delivery settings.
Note: Additional materials fee required.

0335. Clinical Procedures (3 s.h.) FS

Principles and practices of therapeutic recreation used specifically as an intervention for individual and group behavior change. Students explore the role of a therapeutic recreation specialist in relation to other professional disciplines and the techniques used in therapeutic relationships.

W340. Community Health Program Marketing and Administration (3 s.h.) S. Core: WI.

Prerequisite: Health Studies 0321.

Emphasis will be placed on understanding the steps necessary to market and administer a successful health program.

0343. Diet and Weight Management (2 s.h.) S

Examination of modern techniques for weight management and weight loss. Emphasis on participation in and understanding of programs for weight management, nutrition management, and exercise management.

0345. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Workshop (1 s.h.) FS

Also known as CPR. A life-saving procedure which combines both artificial respiration and artificial circulation. Sufficient information and practical training for participants to save the life of a heart attack or cardiac and respiratory emergency victim. Upon successful completion, the participant receives CPR Certification.

0348. Coping with Life Stress Workshop (3 s.h.) F

The impact of poorly managed stress on physical and emotional health. Coping skills and strategies for effective stress management. Individual stress profiles will be developed, emphasizing a holistic view of the individual in a rapidly changing society.
Note: Lab fee required.

0350. Administration of Therapeutic Recreation (3 s.h.) F

This course provides the opportunity to explore management of therapeutic recreation services within health care and human services agencies. Major topics include: administrative theory and decision making, program, personnel, fiscal and risk management, reimbursement and evaluation.

0351. Emergency Medical Practice (3 s.h.) F

A comprehensive course in recognition and management of trauma, sudden illness, and the epidemiological analysis of trauma. Advanced First Aid and CPR certification issued upon successful completion of the course.

0353. Leisure and Aging (3 s.h.) F

Designed for students interested in working with the elderly. This course offers an overview of the recreation and leisure needs and services for the older adult. Various recreational settings for older adults and appropriate leisure interventions. Field trips may be required.

0354. Therapeutic Recreation and Mental Health (3 s.h.) F

Designed for students interested in working in behavioral health, this course offers an in-depth study of the therapeutic role of recreation in treatment/rehabilitation. Terminology, prognosis, etiology of specific classifications of mental disorder, program development, and assessment in therapeutic recreation are covered.

0355. Therapeutic Recreation and Physical Disabilities (3 s.h.) S

In-depth study of the therapeutic role of recreation in the treatment/rehabilitation of individuals with physical disabilities. Terminology, etiology of specific disabilities, prognosis, program development, and assessment in therapeutic recreation are taught. Disabilities resulting from trauma, birth defects, chronic conditions, and amputations included.

0356. Therapeutic Recreation and Hospitalized Children (3 s.h.) S

Role of child play in development; psychosocial needs of children who are sick; pre-operative play techniques; therapeutic recreation procedures; needs of families (parents and siblings); family-centered care; ethical issues in pediatrics, as well as the role of therapeutic recreation and child life specialists are reviewed in this course.

0357. Therapeutic Recreation and Developmental Disabilities (3 s.h.) F

In-depth study of the therapeutic role of recreation in treatment/rehabilitation of individuals with developmental disability. Terminology, etiology, prognosis, program development, and assessment in therapeutic recreation are taught in this class.

0358. Therapeutic Recreation and Long Term Care (3 s.h.) S

Investigates new techniques and philosophies toward therapeutic recreation programming in long term care facilities. Activity programming and techniques, innovative approaches to programming, and the importance of research in long term care are stressed.

0359. Psychosocial Aspects of Disability (3 s.h.) F

An examination of psychological and social issues related to individual and social-cultural perspectives of disability, including social stigma and discrimination, portrayal by media, self-advocacy and family and social relationship issues that impact the culture of disability and an individual's quality of life.

0380. Internship II (9 15 s.h.) FS SS

Prerequisites: Health Studies 0280, 0300 and 0303.

Ongoing community projects in health studies and therapeutic recreation program development and planning, administration and coordination, and teaching.
Note: Community Health majors register for 9 s.h. and Therapeutic Recreation majors register for 12 s.h..