04902/Health Information Management

0003. Medical Terminology (3 s.h.) FS SS

A survey of medical and anatomical terminology, including definitions, word construction and analysis of disease, operative procedures, laboratory, diagnostic and treatment terms, and abbreviations as reflected in medical documentation. 3 hours lecture.
Note:For non-majors.

0005. Introduction to ICD-9-CM Coding Principles (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of medical terminology and human anatomy.

For non-majors. An introductory course in coding diagnoses and procedures using the International Classification of Disease, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification. Emphasis will be the use of the classification system in the inpatient hospital setting. An introduction to DRG reimbursement is also addressed. 3 hours lecture.

0103. Medical Terminology (4 s.h.) F

Prerequisites: 6 - 8 s.h.of Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology.

The language of medicine and health care, including anatomical terminology, definitions, word construction, word analysis, and application. 4 hours lecture.

0105. Legal Aspects of Health Information Management (2 s.h.) S

Prerequisites: HIM 0106, 0141, and 0161.

Survey of federal, state, and local law and regulations as they pertain to health information management; includes reportable conditions and diseases, release of information, and client access to records. 3 hours lecture.

0106. Health Information Systems in Acute Care (4 s.h.) F

Co-requisite: HIM 0141.

Introduction to the health record: its development, content, format, value, and use. In-depth study of standards of documentation; quantitative and qualitative analysis of the health record. Survey of identification systems, storage and retrieval systems, preservation and retention of records; birth and death registries. 3 hours lecture; 2 hours lab.

0107. Computer Applications for Health Information Processing (3 s.h.) F

This course introduces theory and use of selected general purpose software on the microcomputer for both personal and health information management applications. The operating environment, word processing, spreadsheet, database management, and presentation graphics software on DOS-compatible computers will be included. 2 hours lecture; 2 hours lab.

0109. Computer Fundamentals for Health Information Processing (2 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: HIM 0107 or permission of instructor.

Data communications; basic theory of computer operations; historical developments; factors in selecting computer hardware and software for health information systems. 2 hours lecture.

0141. Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems (3 s.h.) F

Prerequisite: Core Quantitative Reasoning. co-requisites: HIM 0105 and 0106.

Analysis of historical and current patterns of health care organization; analysis of role and environment of health professionals within the changing patterns of health care. Includes health care statistics. 3 hours lecture.

0161. Principles of Management in Health Information Systems (3 s.h.) F

Co-requisites: HIM 0106 and 0141.

Management functions of planning, organizing, directing, controlling, motivating, and conflict reductions are analyzed with emphasis on the administrative practice of the health information manager. 3 hours lecture.

0162. Human Resource Management in Health Information Systems (4 s.h.) F

Prerequisite: HIM 0106, 0141, and 0161.

Aspects of personnel policies and practices: includes recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, benefits programs, unionization. Emphasis on situations encountered in management of health information services. 4 hours lecture.

W181. Clinical Affiliation I (2 s.h.) S

Prerequisites: HIM 0103, 0106, 0141, and 0161. co-requisites: HIM 0105 and 0207.

Orientation to the health information services in affiliated institutions; application, under supervision, of technical aspects of health information management in the acute care hospital setting. Writing Intensive course. Practicum: 6 hours per day once a week for a semester.

0202. Current Topics in Health Information Management (3 s.h.) S

Seminar to integrate the skills and knowledge of the professional curriculum by student analysis of real and hypothetical problems and assessment of current issues. 3 hours seminar.
Note: Can only be taken in final semester.

0203. Registries and Classifications Systems (2 s.h.) F

Prerequisites: HIM 0103, 0106, and 0141.

Principles of severity of illness classification systems; DSM-IV; CPT4; ICD-O; registries including tumor, trauma, drug, medical devices, and similar registries. 1 hour lecture; 2 hours lab.

0204. Management of Health Information Systems Technology (3 s.h.) S

Co-requisite: Senior standing.

A critical survey of patient-oriented health information systems, the technologies and management practices needed to support them. Emphasis on aspects of the evolving computer-based patient record (CPR). Use of selected resources and features of the Internet. 3 hours lecture.

0205. Health Information Systems in Nonacute Care (3 s.h.) S

Prerequisites: HIM 0106, 0141, and 0161; co-requisite: HIM 0105.

A survey of health information databases for special departments and programs such as behavioral medicine, long term care, rehabilitation, industrial clinical, correctional care, home care, hospice, and rural health networks. 3 hours lecture.

0207. International Classification of Disease (3 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: HIM 0103; co-requisite: HIM 0271.

In depth study of the principles of the International Classification of Disease and their significance for reimbursement; application in laboratory practice. 1 hour lecture and 4 hours lab.

0209. Quality Assessment and Improvement (3 s.h.) F

Co-requisites: HIM 0251 and 0274; prerequisites: HIM 0207 and 0271.

Medical staff credentialing; utilization, risk, and quality management processes; clinical outcomes management; organizational TQM with emphasis on Health Information Services data analysis, display, and presentation techniques. 2 hours lecture; 2 hours lab.

0251. Fundamentals of Biostatistics (3 s.h.) S

Basic research methodology, elementary biostatistics, analysis and interpretation and presentation of data. Purpose is to develop appreciation for professional research development and objective analysis. 2 hours lecture.

0260. Case Study in Health Information Management (3 s.h.) S

Integration of discrete skills and knowledge of the professional curriculum into a meaningful whole by student planning and design of a hypothetical Health Information Management department. 6 hours lab.
Note: Can only be taken in final semester.

0263. Systems Analysis in Health Information Management (4 s.h.) F

Prerequisites: HIM 0105, 0106, 0141, 0161, 0162, and W181; co-requisites: HIM 0162 and W281.

Introduction to concepts and methods of systems analysis in health information management including development of objectives, policies, procedures, workflow, productivity measurement, and layout analysis; includes laboratory component. 3 hours lec ture; 2 hours lab.

0271. Clinical Medicine I (3 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: HIM 0103.

An introduction to the clinical aspects of selected general medical conditions and disease, including diagnostic procedures, clinical course, therapy, and expected outcome. 3 hours lecture.

0274. Clinical Medicine II (3 s.h.) F

Prerequisite: HIM 0103.

Complements Clinical Medicine I. Pediatrics; orthopedics; radiology; neurology; obstetrics; gynecology; psychiatry; plastic surgery; etc. 3 hours lecture.

W281. Clinical Affiliation II (2 s.h.) F

Prerequisites: HIM W181, 0203, and 0205; co-requisite: HIM 0263.

Supervised learning experience for application of health information systems in nonacute care. Practicum: 6 hours per day once a week for 8 weeks.

0282. Clinical Affiliation III (3 s.h.) S

Intensive clinical experience on a full-time basis for 4 weeks at selected affiliated institution; emphasis on administrative aspects of health information management services. 4 week full-time Practicum.
Note: Can only be taken in final semester.

0289. Elective Practicum in Health Information Management

(2 s.h.) FS

Prerequisite: Permission of the department.

Clinical experience in administration of health information systems in a specialized facility of particular interest to the student.

0290. Independent Study in Health Information Management (1 - 3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisite: Permission of the department.

Individual study of an aspect of health information management in accordance with the interest and ability of the student and the approval of the department chairperson. Credits according to the nature and extent of the project

0342. Political and Social Aspects of Health Care (2 s.h.) S

Analysis of impact of public policy formulation in health care with emphasis on resultant health information management practice. Includes legislative and regulatory process, social issues of privacy, consumer representation, medical ethics, financial impact, and malpractice issues. 2 hours lecture.
Note: Can only be taken in final semester.

0343. Information Management for Health Care Financing (3 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: HIM W281.

Case mix and cost control methodologies, including DRG's, APG's, RUG's; also managed care (including IPA's, PPO's, Health Care alliances; HMO's) utilization and case management; cost containment and rate setting; with particular emphasis on health data collection, access, and disclosure practices of primary and secondary databases; billing audits. 3 hours lecture.
Note: Can only be taken in final semester.