02626/Graphic Art and Design

0001-0002. Foundation Principles (3 s.h. each course) F S

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of visual design, including both formal and conceptual aspect of image-making in two dimensions.

0103. Digital Imaging (3 s.h.) F S

This course deals with photographic images and how ideas can be expressed through the manipulation of these images using the computer as a tool for creative expression. Excellent basic course in image software use and introduction to the use of the computer.

0116. Survey of Printmaking Techniques (3 s.h.) F S

A beginning survey of the basic printmaking media: the course introduces intaglio, relief, and lithographic printmaking techniques with a number of short projects designed to give a broad experience with the media. Additional topics pertinent to all the media include matting, print storage, and a historical survey in slides and actual examples.

0117. Graphic Design (3 s.h.) F S

This course introduces students to graphic design as a conceptual and visual discipline. Projects focus on solving visual problems from a wide range of topics in a variety of media. This course is required for students who intend to major in graphic design.

0118. Graphic Design (3 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: GAD 0117

A more advanced course at the sophomore level, students work on a variety of projects focusing on the visual communication of concepts through type and image.

0133-0134. Serigraphy (3 s.h. each course)

The fundamentals of serigraphy as a fine art print medium; this course introduces various handmade stencil methods as well as the photo processes. Students use non-toxic acrylic inks with projects that emphasize color organization and conceptual challenge.

0135-0136. Etching (3 s.h. each course)

The beginning level course in intaglio and relief printing processes. This course covers traditional methods of platemaking, such as etching, drypoint, and aquatint, as well as explorations into photo transfer and color viscosity printing.

0137-0138. Lithography (3 s.h. each course)

A basic course in metal plate lithography. Preparation, processing, and printing are studied with the intention of giving the beginning student control over a medium that is often thought to be complicated. Students work with traditional hand-drawn imagery as well as transfer and photo-litho, in black and white and color.

0146. Introduction to Computer Graphics (3 s.h.) F S

This course introduces students to the computer as a tool for design. Students learn the fundamentals of software most commonly found in design and imaging studios.

0171-0172. Photography I (3 s.h. each course) F S

Principles and techniques of black and white photography to include camera operation, film development, printing, and presentation. Personal vision, introduction to photographic history, and photography within the culture considered as an integral part of the process.

0173-0174. Photography II (3 s.h. each course) F S

Advanced projects in black and white photography to include technical development as well as continued development of personal vision through the photographic medium. Professional, traditional black and white photographic practice will be emphasized.

0175-0176. Color Photography (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisite: GAD 0171.

An introduction to basic skills in color photography, processing and printing with an emphasis on development of personal imagery and the history of color photography.

0201. Graphic Arts Process (3 s.h.)

A technical and information course dealing with fundamental and advanced graphic art information for the artist, designer, printmaker, and photographer working with ofF Set lithography. The course is limited to senior and graduate students with the instructor's permission. Will involve the production of digital halftones, duotones, and color separation to be used in the production of artists books and postcards.

0203. Digital Photography (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: GAD 0103.


Digital photography explores advanced applications in digital imaging with an emphasis on photographic output. Emphasis will be placed on options for combining digital and traditional modalities of photographic practice to create a still image. A professional portfolio will be required.

0251-0252. Interactive Design (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisites: GAD 0253 and 0283. Faculty permission required. Special authorization required for non-majors.

This course enables students to begin designing for interactive CD-ROMs, the World Wide Web (www) and motion graphics. A good working knowledge of PhotoShop and Illustrator is necessary. Additional software will also be explored in depth. While staying current with the latest technologies, the emphasis will be on communication through interactive design.

0253-0254. Advanced Graphic Design (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisite for 0253 is 0117. Prerequisite for 0254 is 0253.

Assignments emphasize the visual communication of concepts and include logo design, packaging, brochures, invitations, posters, magazine illustration and layout.

Note: This sequence of 2 courses is required for all graphic design majors. 0253 is offered in the fall semester only; 0254 is offered in the spring semester only.

0255-0256. Illustration (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisite: GAD 0117.


This course introduces students to illustration from the standpoint of technique and concept.

0257-0258. Typography (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisite: GAD 0117.

This focuses on the expressive and functional aspects of typography in graphic design.

0278. Advanced Photo Workshop. Topic: Advanced Black and White Photo/Portfolio Production (3 s.h.)

A continuation of Photography II with an introduction to the zone system and professional technique. Emphasis will be on the development of a professional portfolio, classical black and white photographic history, and focused development of personal vision.

0279-0280. Photo Process Workshop (3 s.h. each course)

Prerequisite: GAD 0171.

Studio orientation to a wide range of experimental and historical photographic processes beyond traditional silver printing. Workshop orientation emphasizes a diverse exposure to many creative possibilities from hand applied photographic emulsions to artists book production.

0281-0282. View Camera (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisite: GAD 0171.

An introduction to the view camera; its basic operation functions, specific uses, and potential as a creative tool are studied. A variety of specific exercises lead the student to proficient use of the view camera. Emphasis is on creative use as well as technical development.

0283. Intermediate Computer Graphics (3 s.h.) F S

Prerequisites: GAD 0117 and 0146 or equivalent. Faculty permission required. Special authorization is required for non-majors.

This course for graphic design majors focuses on the computer as a tool in both print and digital media.

0297-0298. Advanced Typography (3 s.h. each course)

Prerequisite: GAD 0257; faculty permission required.

This course builds on a student's fundamental knowledge of typography. Projects include design of logos, book covers, posters, brochures and catalogues.

0321-0322. Advanced Etching (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisite: GAD 0135 or 0136.

Advanced problems in intaglio and relief processes. While the emphasis is on personal artistic development, the students are also encouraged to work toward professional standards in platemaking and printing skills. Projects often include, multi-plate color printing, copper engraving, mezzotint, various relief methods, and embossing.

0331-0332. Advanced Lithography (3 s.h. each course)

Prerequisite: GAD 0137 or 0138.

This course is designed to improve the students' technical skills toward professional standards and to develop the students' personal vision through the use of lithography. Study will include stone and plate lithography, color theory and practice, photo processes and editing.

0336. Color Print Workshop (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: at least two of the following: 0133/0134, 0135/0136, 0137/0138.

A methodical study of color printing problems as they are presented by the intaglio, relief, lithographic and screen printing media. Color theory and practical techniques are combined, giving experience in all phases of multicolor and intermedia graphic production.

0338. Relief and Monoprint Workshop (3 s.h.)

The directness of both relief printing and monotype give the artist a unique opportunity to concentrate on the image possibilities. Students will work with non-traditional and traditional cutting methods, materials, and printing methods.

0345-0346. Advanced Serigraphy (3 s.h. each course)

Prerequisite: GAD 0133 or 0134.

Advanced silk-screen printing with emphasis on expanding the students' stencil making and printing skills as well as personal artistic growth. Students work with non-toxic acrylic inks, in projects that emphasize scale, color, and use of material.

0347-0348. Printmaking Workshop (3 s.h. each course)

Prerequisite: at least two of the following: 0133/0134, 0135/0136, 0137/0138.

Studies in all printmaking media, emphasizing individual instruction for students of varied backgrounds.

W349. Art Career Workshop (3 s.h.)

Creative and practical solutions to career problems of the artist; preparation of the art student for postgraduate challenges.

0350. Senior Projects Workshop/Seminar (3 s.h.)

A combination workshop/seminar course in which the senior printmaker, through classroom and individual discussion with the instructor, develops and produces a major print project. The course includes a formal presentation of all the projects.

0361-0362. Senior Portfolio (3 s.h. each course) S

Prerequisites: all junior level requirements and two senior level graphic design courses.

The course focuses on the development of the student's portfolio in preparation for entering the graphic design profession. In addition to assembling a cohesive presentation for a body of work created in graphic design courses, assignments include a self-promotional piece, a resume, and a large-scale senior project of the student's choice.

Note: This course is offered in spring semesters only.

0383-0384. Senior Photography (3 s.h. each course) F S

Development of a theoretical and conceptual base for long-range involvement with photographic image-making and processes. The course includes research, field trips, and the organization of a final portfolio of work. Career options within the field are presented and discussed.

0385-0390. Senior Graphic Design (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisites: All junior-level required courses in the major.

This series of advanced courses for graphic design majors focuses on specific areas of graphic design including corporate design (fall), packaging (fall), publication design (spring), art direction (fall), computer design (print or interactive) (fall and spring) and the graphic design workshop (fall).

0391-0392 Senior Interactive Design (3 s.h. each course) F S

Prerequisites: GAD 0252; faculty permission required.

Students in this class will be asked to explore and push the boundaries of both the design and technologies involved in creating interactive design projects for either CD-ROM or web based delivery. Students will use an ever growing list of software packages to create their final work. Emphasis will be placed on an in-depth exploration of the process as well as the creation of digital video, digital audio, and /or 3D images.