C050. Introductory Geology (4 s.h.) FS. Core: SA.

An introduction to the basic principles and processes of geology. Wide range of topics, including rocks and minerals, surface processes, plate tectonics, and the earth's interior. This course is intended for students who have had little or no previous instruction in geology, and is recommended for non-majors as well as those considering a major in geology.

C051. Catastrophic Geology (4 s.h.) FS. Core: SB.

Prerequisite: Geology C050.

Substantial description and theory of plate tectonics as related to the geological catastrophes: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and floods. Causes, occurrences, properties, and use are given a scientific basis.

C057. Evolution (4 s.h.) S. Core: SB.

Prerequisite: Geology C050.

Principles, processes, and patterns of physical, chemical, and biologic evolution of the earth.

C062. Oceanography (4 s.h.) S. Core: SB.

Prerequisite: Geology C050.

Oceanic and sea-floor processes and materials and their relationship to human populations.

C077. Perspectives on Energy (4 s.h.) S. Core: SB.

Prerequisite: Geology C050.

Survey and comparison of all types of energy resources, renewable and non-renewable emphasis on the problems and prospects for exploration, economic development, and environmental impact.

C081. Environmental Resources (4 s.h.) FS. Core: SB.

Prerequisite: Geology C050.

Interrelationships of people and the environment, problems of pollution, of availability, and of consumption of natural resources.


0185. Geology for Engineers (4 s.h.) S

An introduction to geological processes and principles that (1) underlie societal interactions with the earth and (2) are fundamental to the behavior of crustal materials. Case histories of local waste disposal land use planning and hydrology soil mechanics are presented for practical engineering while histories of landslides, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are considered from an engineering safety focus. Laboratory and field excursions complement the course.

0201. Mineralogy I (4 s.h.) F

Prerequisite: Chemistry C061 or C071.

Fundamentals of hand-specimen analysis including crystallography, bonding, physical properties with emphasis on non-silicates.

0202. Mineralogy II (4 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: Geology 0201.

Microanalysis by polarized light microscopy, powder x-ray diffractometry and microprobe including site occupancy, crystal growth, and microstructural defects with emphasis on silicates.

0210. Introduction to Hydrology (4 s.h.) F

An introduction to the natural science of hydrology. Descriptive in nature rather than quantitative; however, algebra is required to understand some basic laws. The course covers surface water, ground water, water and landscapes, and water involved in economics and politics.

0211. Facies Models (4 s.h.) F

Prerequisite: Geology C050 or permission of instructor.

Process analysis at the grain, lamination, bed, and cycle levels in the construction of facies models for paleoenvironmental interpretation. Field trips and oral reports on primary literature are included in the course.

0212. Paleontology and Stratigraphy (4 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: Geology 0211.

Functional analysis of fossil organisms, principles of evolution, and cyclic stratigraphy. Two four-day field trips demonstrate paleoecologic analysis, recognition of rock cycles, and time correlation.

0261. Introduction to Geochemistry (4 s.h.) S

Prerequisite: Geology C050; co-requisite: Chemistry C061 or C071.

Application of chemical principles and quantitative methods to understand and solve various geological problems. Field trips and laboratory exercises will emphasize techniques of obtaining and measuring geological samples. Students will analyze, summarize, and present data in oral and written reports.

0301. Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (4 s.h.) F

Prerequisites: Geology 0201

Chemistry, physical properties, distribution, and origin of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Term paper required.

W302. Structural Geology (4 s.h.) S

Prerequisites: Geology 0201

Basic principles of natural rock deformation and the description and origin of structures.

0310. Microcomputers in Geology (4 s.h)

An introduction to computer methods used in Geology. Topics covered include hardware and software used for acquisition and manipulation, statistical analysis, and presentation of geological data. A laboratory component provides hands-on experience in use of various software packages.

W381. Environmental Seminar (3 s.h.) S

This course concentrates on chemical and physical reactions generating, dispersing, and removing air and water pollutants from the ecosystem. Pollutants are studied in terms of perturbations on natural geochemical cycles.

0390/0391. Senior Honors Study (4, 8 s.h.) FS

Field and/or laboratory research leading to completion of an honors thesis.