01524/General and Strategic Management

0261. Software Applications to Business Problems (3 s.h.) FS

Provides "hands-on" experience in applications of microcomputer software to business problems. Students learn to use a spreadsheet program such as Lotus 1-2-3 and to use this program for such tasks as evaluating an investment opportunity, amortizing a loan, planning for the timely completion of a number of related jobs, financial statement analysis, budgeting, and forecasting.

0301. Organizational Planning and Control (3 s.h.) FS

Focuses on complex organizations and the impact of environment and technology on their structures. Introduces students to alternative approaches to organizational planning and control systems. The emphasis is on an interdisciplinary approach.

0311. Entrepreneurship (3 s.h.) FS

Prerequisite: Junior standing or above.

The role and impact of entrepreneurial firms on the U.S. economy will be discussed. The growth of these firms from inception to maturity and the "Innovation" formula as a method for new opportunities will be explored. The focus is on an interdisciplinary approach.

0330. Administrative Systems (3 s.h.) FS

Concepts of systems theory are applied to the development and analysis of information systems in several functional areas of organizations. Emphasis is given to interdisciplinary approach to managerial decision making.

0340. Industry Competitive Analysis (3 s.h.) FS

An applied examination of recently developed techniques for assessing industry competitive forces and devising appropriate business strategies. Topics include: analysis of industry competitive forces, identifying and assessing industry trends, recognizing types of industries, developing strategic maps of industry competitors, and learning to utilize industry information sources, among others. Students will be required to conduct an in-depth analysis of at least one industry.

0362. Senior Entrepreneurship Seminar (3 s.h.) FS

The main objective of this course is to provide the student with an understanding of the problems and challenges facing an entrepreneur in the process of creating a business plan and seeking investors. The course will use a group project as the focal point. The groups will develop a business plan piece by piece. Each group will make 4 brief presentations and write 4 papers during the semester. In addition, each students will evaluate the presentations of the groups, choosing the top three and the one in which they would invest. In addition, each student will do a detailed analysis of one of the companies we study during the semester.

0380. Multinational Enterprise Management (3 s.h.) FS

An examination of the distinctive management issues that arise when firms are either contemplating or already doing business across national bounda ries. This course requires the integration and application of knowledge and skills learned in earlier courses and also introduces the critical business skills of understanding and managing strategic issues in international settings.

W381. International Strategic Management. (3 s.h.)

Prerequisites: All other courses in the IBA major and Economics 0250. Co-requisite: GSM 0382.

In this course the student will develop an understanding of the strategic management of firms engaged in international business. The course will integrate what the student has learned about international business in other courses.

0382. International Business Project. (3 s.h.)

Prerequisites: All other courses in the IBA major and Economics 0250. Co-requisite: GSM W381.

In this course, the student will engage in an extensive international business project. In the process, students will integrate what they have learned about international business in other courses.

0394. Special Topics (3 s.h.)

Special topics in current developments in the field of general and strategic management.

0395/0396. Independent Study (1 - 6 s.h.) FS

Prerequisites: Consultation with faculty member and approval of department chairperson.

Readings and/or papers under supervision of a faculty member.