0010. English for Foreign Students F S

The goal of this course is to increase students’ intercultural competence, particularly as it relates to successful participation in an academic enviroment. Students will work on building their spoken English skills in fluency, comprehensibility, vocabulary, and syntax. Students will work on developing academic speaking skills through group discussions and by giving presentations.

0020. English for Academic Purposes (2 s.h.) F S

Prerequisite: This course is for graduate students whose TOEFL score is under 600.

This course is designed for international graduate students. The course will focus on the English necessary for classroom interaction in small groups, in the full class setting, and on interactive presentation skills. Pronunciation and public speaking skills will be covered. The primary focus of the course is on spoken English.

Note: This course serves as the graduate school requirement for new international graduate students.

X060 Education and Schooling in America (3 s.h.) F S SS Core: XC

Presents an interdisciplinary analysis of education and schooling in the United States, examining how education policy has been shaped in the U.S., what important roles certain individuals, institutions and social groups have played in this process, how education policies have had differential impact on various groups. Enables students to study and critically evaluate schools as a significant social institution with in the framework of American values and institutions.

R065 Race and Racism in U.S. Education (3 s.h.) F S Core: WR

Examines the historical, sociological, and ideological dimensions of race and racism in education. Explores the impact of the influence of racism in the larger society on specific schooling practices related to institutional racism.

0101. Psychological Learning: Normal and Exceptional (3 s.h.) F S

This course is designed to promote an understanding of human differences and disabilities as these affect teaching and learning, and to gain expertise in how to facilitate learning in the classroom.

0111. Crucial Teaching Strategies (3 s.h.) F S

Pre-or Corequisite: Education 0110.

Development of selected planning and presentation skills, as well as the ability to reflect on a teaching episode. Conducted in the Teaching Skills Laboratory. Students must obtain a C+ or better for admission into a certification program.

0122. The Developing Individual Across the Life Span (3 s.h.) F S SS

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a basic understanding of developmental theories and concepts as they relate to patterns of change in learners across the life span. Cognitive, language, social/emotional, and motor domains will be examined with emphasis placed on individual differences. Both typical and atypical development will be considered and you will be given the oppotunity to relate theory to educational practice.

0155. Inclusive Education for a Diverse Society (3 s.h.) SS

(formerly Education 0151 and 0152).

Develops the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of prospective teachers that enable them to value students as unique individuals, with diverse configurations of developmental, behavioral, cultural, linguistic, and learning attributes, leading to appropriate identification, assessment, and instructional accommodation.

0205. Curriculum Instruction and Technology in Education (3 s.h.) SS

(formerly Education 0111).

Provides future teachers with a course integrating curriculum and instruction in which these two key elements are enhanced. Emphasis placed on how various inputs are used for program and instructional planning and how various teaching models and practices might be employed to enhance student critical thinking. Attention placed on needs for all learners in a diverse educational setting.

0206. Assessment and Evaluation (3 s.h.) F S SS

(formerly Education 0153).

Students will learn how to develop and use a variety of evaluation methods to monitor student academic achievement and teaching effectiveness. Special emphasis will be placed on relating evaluations to curriculum and instruction. Students will learn about standardized tests and other diagnostic tools frequently encountered and/or used by classroom teachers. Particular attention will be given to adapting assessments to meet the needs of all students. Students will plan, construct, administer, and analyze data for a diagnostic evaluation of achievement for a content unit. Contemporary issues related to testing, grading, evaluation, and accountability will be addressed.

0210. Practicum (3 s.h.) F S

Prerequisite: Admission to 5 year program.

A first hand opportunity to explore teaching as a profession. Organized visits to Elementary, Middle, and High Schools are combined with assigned readings and seminars. Critical inquiry and reflection will allow for one’s essential personal commitment for success in teaching.

0214. Curriculum and Supervised Teaching (3 s.h.) F S

Prerequisite: Education 0210

The primary intent of the course is to provide prospective teachers with an opportunity to study teaching practice in an urban public school context by working directly with experienced teachers. The course is organized as a series of seminars and in-school experiences in which students, through inquiry and cricital reflection, construct their own understanding of teaching. Specific experiences enable students to develop personal perspectives about how teaching professionals think in action and use professional knowledge in situations of practice.

Note: A field based course generally taken in the senior year.

0224. Service Learning (2 - 3 s.h.) F S

Prerequisite: Special permission required.

A course that helps students investigate what it means to be a community member and a teacher in a diverse, democratic society. The course combines reading, discussion, action in the community, and reflection in the context of addressing real community needs. In addition, students will begin to develop skills needed as a teacher to use service learning with their own students.

0225. Field Experience (3 s.h.) F S

Prerequisite: Students must receive approval from the office of school placement a semester in advance of registering for 0225.

An upper-level professional core course designed to provide teacher education majors with contextual learning experiences relating to planning, teaching evaluating, managing, and reflection on instruction in contemporary classrooms. The experience can take place in elementary, middle, or secondary school settings or a combination. The in-school experiences are arranged in 3 hour blocks each week of the semester and are complemented with related seminars at the university.

0240. Computer-Based Instruction (3 s.h.) F S

The use of computers to facilitate instruction in the pre-school, elementary, and secondary classrooms.

0255. Effective Use of Instructional Technology in Classrooms ( 3 s.h.) F S SS

(Formerly Education 0240).

This course focuses on educational applications of basis instructional technology skills to enhance effective teaching and learning, with special emphasis on the K-12 learner. Students learn how to develop instructional materials and classroom administrative resources, to evaluate software and web sites for their respective subject matter areas and student grade levels, and to apply fundamental knowledge of troubleshooting basic hardware and software problems.

0280. Undergraduate Independent Study (1-3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Written approval of student's advisor and/or faculty sponsor.

Students will have an opportunity to pursue special topics in their content area or to develop an in-depth project designed to meet personal and program objectives.

Note: Application forms can be obtained from the CITE Department.