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Continuing Education
Telephone: (215) 204-TUCC
Website: http://www.temple.edu/tucc/

Temple University Center City (TUCC) brings the educational resources of Temple University to downtown Philadelphia. The concentration of corporate offices, professional firms, and public agencies in the immediate area make it highly convenient for students to continue their education after work. Most graduate and undergraduate courses are offered in the evening.

Academic Credit Programs

Most of Temple University’s schools and colleges offer courses at TUCC during the academic year. You may take one or a few courses here without formally applying for admission to the University. If you choose to enroll in a degree program, you may complete selected full degrees at TUCC. These include English, History, and Women’s Studies, and graduate degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, General & Strategic Management, History, Human Resource Administration, International Business, Journalism, Law, Liberal Arts, Management Science/Operations Management, Marketing, Real Estate, and Risk Management & Insurance.

Non-Credit Programs

The Business Agenda (TBA) addresses the needs of adults for
continuing professional education in the areas of career development,
business management, business communications, and business computer
applications. This coursework is geared to specific job levels and
requirements ranging from seminars for middle and upper-middle managers
to first-line supervisors to support staff. Instructors are practicing
professionals and often are members of Temple's faculty. Call (215)
204-4335 for more information.

Institute for Continuing Studies (ICS) responds to the growing number
of adults who seek new avenues for personal growth. You can explore
new areas of interest and meet others like yourself in an educational
environment designed for your schedule. ICS offers courses in the following
areas: Acting, Career Opportunities, Creative Arts, Dance, Financial Planning,
Food and Entertainment, Health and Well Being, Languages, Practical Skills,
Reading and Writing, Trips and Tours, Prep Courses: GRE, GMAT, and LSAT,
Friday Night Classes at TUCC: TGIF. Call Nancy Ambrose at (215) 204-6946
for more information.

Real Estate Institute offers a broad spectrum of courses in real estate
and related fields for the individual who is seeking professional
advancement, but not an academic degree. Courses offered by the
Institute, when successfully completed, allow you to qualify for the
Pennsylvania Salesperson Licensing examination and, together with a
three-year apprenticeship and additional education, for the Pennsylvania
Real Estate Brokers examination under existing state law. A Certificate of
Achievement is awarded to students who successfully complete each
course of study. Call Pat Staub at (215) 204-1530 for more information.

The Esther Boyer College of Music's Preparatory Division offers
people of all ages and abilities -- from the beginner to the experienced
musician -- continuing opportunities for musical growth and enrichment.
The Division is designed both for pre-school through high school age
students who are considering music as a future career or serious avocation
and for adults who wish to develop their musical skills and interests. Call
Louis Scaglione at (215) 204-1512 for more information.

Temple Association for Retired Professionals (TARP) is a
membership organization designed for retirees. Men and women join
TARP to renew their educational interests at the university level without the
traditional course structure. Members become both students and
leaders/teachers in the special courses, seminars, workshops and other
educational programs sponsored by TARP. Study and discussion courses
cover such topics as current affairs, literature, languages, art, physical
education, music, religion, theater, and science. Members also may audit
one University undergraduate course each semester, subject to University
policy. Call Martha Plenn at (215) 204-1505 for more information.

School of Law offers an L.L.M. in Trial Advocacy for graduate attorneys
as well as non-credit Continuing Legal Education courses on various topics
to keep practicing attorneys informed and to enhance their skills. All
classes are taught by leading practitioners. Trial Advocacy courses are
offered in the evening; non-credit courses are offered during the day and in
the evening. Call (215) 204-8982 for more information.

School of Social Administration offers Continuing Education workshops
at TUCC during Temple’s first Summer Session. For more information,
call Lillian Gibson, CE Registrar, at (215) 204-6084.
See TUCC campus for more information.