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Parking Services
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Parking - Main Campus
lower level, Student Activites Center (SAC)
Temple University has eight (8) surface parking areas and two (2) parking garages on the Main Campus.

Token Parking
Token parking areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A parking decal costs $40 and can be purchased at the cashier's windows, first floor, Carnell Hall and at the Office of Parking Services located in the lower level of the Student Activities Center.

During the 1998-99 academic year, tokens are dispensed at the rate of 6 tokens for one $10 bill or 12 tokens for one $20 bill, and can be purchased from dispensing machines at the following locations:
Annenberg Hall, first floor
Law School, ground floor
Paley Library, first floor
Pearson Hall, first floor
Student Activities Center (SAC), lower level
Wachman Hall, ground floor (Beasley's Walk entrance)

Parking tokens can also be purchased in bulk packets of 24 for $40 at the cashier's windows, first floor, Carnell Hall, and at the Office of Parking Services. Day parking is available on an area-assigned basis when entering parking areas before 3:00 p.m. Evening parking is available at all token-operated areas after 3:00 p.m.

Vehicles entering the area before 3:00 p.m. are required to deposit two tokens in the gate equipment. Vehicles entering the area after 3:00 p.m. are required to deposit only one token in the gate equipment.

Note: Availability of areas is subject to change during summer and holidays, and for a few special events. Having a parking decal does not ensure space in a particular area.

Daytime assigned student token parking areas are as follows:
Area #4 on Diamond Street, between 12th and 13th Streets
Temple Towers on 13th Street, between Cecil B. Moore Avenue and Oxford Street

There are two intra-campus shuttles making continuous loops, which run approximately every 10 to 15 minutes between the Temple Train Station and various shuttle bus stops. The buses run during the Fall and Spring semesters. The service is free, and all parkers are encouraged to use the buses.

Guaranteed Access Parking
Guaranteed access overnight parking for University Housing students is currently available at the Cooney Area and at Area #6. These areas are accessible through the use of a parking gate card. Guaranteed access parking is available for commuting students at The Parking Garage at The Apollo of Temple or, at the Bell Garage. The cost for all student guaranteed access parking is $55 per month, payable in advance, every four months. A $5.00 escrow deposit on the gate card is required at all areas except The Apollo of Temple Parking Garage, where your current Temple ID card is the mechanism that controls the entrance/exit card readers.

Debit Card Parking
Debit Card Parking is available only at The Apollo of Temple Parking Garage. An Apollo Garage parking decal, which costs $40 can be purchased at the Office of Parking Services. Your current Temple ID card is the mechanism that controls the entrance/exit card readers. A minimum of 24 parking admittances may be purchased on your debit card at a cost of $80. Additional admittances may be purchased in increments of $80. Hourly rates, which are posted at the entrances of the garage and at the cashiers' booths, apply when your debit card is not used.

On "Event" parking days, where entrance and exit gate arms will beraised, debit card parkers will be required to pay a discounted $3.00 cash rate upon entering the garage. On these days, your debit card cannot be used. Additionally, your decal must be clearly visible to the parking attendant on these occasions. On some "Event" parking days, however, debit card restrictions may be in place. On such days, convenient alternate parking areas will be provided at either the discounted cash rate of $3.00 or two (2) tokens. These dates will be posted on entrance lane sandwich signs prior to the event.

Motorcycle Parking
Motorcycle parking is available by purchasing a parking decal for $40. Only designated sections of the parking areas may be utilized. If the motorcycle is parked in a stall, the daily fee has to be paid.

All Parking Rates
All parking rates provided in this text pertain to the 1998-99 academic year and are subject to change at the start of the 1999-2000 Fall Semester.

Inter-Campus Bus Service
Temple runs a free bus service Monday through Saturday to and from various campuses: Ambler, Tyler, HSC and Main campuses. Schedules may be obtained on these campuses. There is no cost for this service.