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On-Line Learning Program

Catherine C. Schifter, Director
665 Ritter Annex

The On-Line Learning (OLL) Program is a four-year-old initiative designed to give students more flexibility in when and how they attend classes. Courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and also for continuing education students.

Matriculated students register online through the OLL department. Non-matriculated or continuing education students register through the Office of Continuing Education in the Academic Resource Center, Rm. 113, Curtis Hall. For more information check the on-line learning website and Continuing Education Office.

Each week a student will probably receive a week's worth of assignments, discussions materials from a listserv or class bulletin board, and a conferencing session for class discussion. Therefore, becoming familiar with email and internet browsing before enrolling in an on-line course is very helpful.

Macintosh or PC Computer Equipment is needed:

68K or Power Macintosh with at least 16 MB RAM
System 7.1 or later software with access to the web and email
(MacTCP or TCP/IP Control panel is needed to use Temple PPP access)

PC with at least a 80486 processor and 24 MB RAM
Windows 3.11 or later and access to the web and email
(Windows 95 is needed to use Temple PPP access)