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Mathematics and Sciences Resources Center (MSRC)
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Bashar W. Hanna, Director
Curtis Hall, Room 17
(215) 204-8466
Web Site: http://www.temple.edu/MSRC/

The Math and Science Resources Center's (MSRC) mission is to create an effective learning atmosphere for all Temple undergraduates attending Main, Ambler, Tyler, and TUCC campuses. The MSRC offers free, one-on-one tutorial and enrichment assistance to all students enrolled in any mathematics, science (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics) or statistics course. To demonstrate the MSRC's commitment to helping all Temple students achieve academic excellence in the University's Mathematics and Science Curriculum, the Center also offers weekly-scheduled group tutorial/supplementary instruction for courses typically challenging to some students.

At the end of each semester, the MSRC offers review sessions for final examinations in classes with high enrollments. Tutors use past exams as guides to review fundamental principles introduced throughout the semester. During these sessions, peer tutors address specific questions students may have and reinforce previously presented material.

The MSRC has a dedicated computer laboratory for mathematics and science students whom are required to complete coursework electronically. The workstations have access to the Internet and a scanner, as well as connection to both color and laser printers. The Center's computer library houses a large selection of software packages designed for use in mathematics and the sciences. The computers can also be utilized in Distance Learning/Tutoring. Students who are physically unable to attend the center can receive tutoring via the Internet. A tutor will address any questions, and respond to inquiries, within twenty-four hours. In addition to the computer laboratory, the MSRC has a Resource Library where students may borrow materials, such as textbooks, solutions manuals, reference books, and programmable calculators.

Graduate and upper-level undergraduate Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or Statistics majors are the MSRC tutors. These highly motivated students are specially trained to deliver comprehensive instruction in these subject areas and have earned a minimum of an A- in all Core courses within their respective disciplines. Tutors are particularly sensitive to students who are taking these courses for the first time or who are new to the university atmosphere.

The Center operates on a walk-in basis; appointments are never necessary. Tutors are eager to help students achieve their academic goals. The MSRC is not only for students experiencing difficulties in their studies, but also for those excelling in their academic endeavors.