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Undergraduate Bulletin


How to Use the 1999-2000 Bulletin

The Undergraduate Bulletin is produced by the Office of the Provost to present specific information about undergraduate academic programs with some general information about Temple University. Although every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information, the descriptions of programs and policies are announcements only and in no way serve as a contract. Because the Bulletin's publishing process must begin months prior to the beginning of the academic year, programs, courses, and other information are subject to change.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions are now available in a separate publication issued each Spring before the registration period for Summer and Fall courses.

Temple undergraduate students are the largest group of Bulletin readers, but it also is used by prospective students, their families, and Temple faculty and administrators. Additional information is available in other University publications. In the Bulletin, these are referred to in italics. References to other sections in the Bulletin are made in bold type.

If you are a prospective student, you also should read the Undergraduate Admission Application and any publications from the Temple school or college in which you are interested. These are available from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. See Undergraduate Admissions.

If you are a new student at Temple this year, you should retain it since it contains the requirements of programs into which you will be enrolling. For that reason, your advisers may refer to 1999-2000 as your "Bulletin year."

The General Information section is information of interest to all undergraduates. It has information about Temple University, its many campuses, degrees granted, its policies, admissions procedures, registration procedures and dates, and financial aid and scholoarship possibilities.

Academic Services and Programs covers university-wide academic programs and resources.

Campus Life and Student Services describes student life at Temple and the many services that are available.

University Studies, The Schools and Colleges, and Intercollegial Programs and Policies provide information about Temple's academic programs, including requirements, support programs and services, and the faculty.

Information about graduate or professional degrees or training, online learning opportunities and non-credit courses, not included in this Bulletin, is available in other Temple publications or web sites.