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Studies in Race

Studies in Race courses will focus on the impact of race and racism on social, cultural, and political institutions. They will study how different manifestations of racism have surfaced over the course of history and how they affect society and individuals today.

Some Studies in Race courses may fulfill other Core requirements; some will be Writing-intensive courses. Studies in Race courses will usually have course numbers with an "R" prefix.

Note that these courses may also have non-Studies in Race sections, without an R number, they do not meet the Studies in Race requirement.

This requirement applies to Temple undergraduates who matriculated as freshmen in fall, 1993 (having completed fewer than 15 semester hours before then) and after, and to all transfer students matriculating as Temple undergraduates in fall, 1994, and after.

Requirement: One three credit course from the approved list. This list continues to expand. Therefore, students should consult their advisers and the current Directory of Classes for other approved courses.)

African-American Studies
R348 (RS) Dimensions of Racism

American Studies
R112 (RS) African-American Experiences
H134 Honors Literature of American Slavery
R134 (RS) Literature of American Slavery
R136 (RS) Asian-American Experience

R060 (IN) Introduction to Anthropology
H090 (IN) Honors Introduction to Anthropology

Asian Studies
R190 (RS)Asian-American Experiences

Communication Sciences
R110 (RS) Language and Race

Criminal Justice
R335 (RS) Urban Minorities and the Criminal Justice System

R280 (RS) Dance, Movement, and Pluralism

R065 (RS) The Economics of Diversity

R065 (WR) Race and Racism in U.S. Education

R050 (RC) College Composition
R110 (RS) Language and Race
R125 (RS) Afro-American Literature I
R126 (RS) Afro-American Literature II
R170 (RS) The Art of the Film: The Images of the African- American in American Films
R283 (RS) Racial Differences and Problems of Representation in American Literature

Geography and Urban Studies
R055 (IN) Race, Racism, and the American City

Greek, Hebrew, and Roman Classics
R112 (IS)Race: Ancient and Modern

R101 (RS) Race and Ethnicity in American History
R108 (RS)Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Racism
R109 (RS) Race and Empire in Modern History
R234 (RS) African American History II
R237 (RS) Asian-American History
R246 (RS) Race and the U.S. Constitution

Jewish Studies
R234 (RS) Anti-Semitism, The Holocaust and Racism

Physical Education
R336 (RS) Racism and College Athletics
R337 (RS) Minorities in Sport

Legal and Real Estate Studies
R050 (AC) Racial Discrimination Under the Law

R298(RS) Cultural Diversity in Health Care

Physical Education
R336 (RS) Racism and College Athletics
R337 (RS) Minorities in Sport

R125 (RS) Philosophy of African-American Experience

Political Science
R050 (IN) The Individual, Race, and American Political Life

R055 (RS) Racial Justice: A Religious Mandate of Obedience and Revolt
H095 (RS) Honors Racial Justice: A Religion's Mandate of Obedience and Revolt

Social Work
R365 (RS) Institutional Racism

C059/R059/X059 (IN/XN) The Sociology of Race and Racism
C064/R064/X064 (AC/XC) American Ethnicity
R279 (RS) Racial and Ethnic Stratification

Speech Communication
R082 (XC) Campaigns and Movements

R188 (XC) Art, Race, and the American Experience

Women's Studies
R152 (WR) The Politics of Diversity: Focus on Race and Gender
H195 (WR) Honors The Politics of Diversity: Focus on Race and Gender