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Language or International Studies

The development of an awareness and understanding of cultures other than one's own is a fundamental component of a liberal education. Under the Language or International Studies area of the Core, students will study a language other than English, or they will study the formation and development of world views of people outside the United States.

Requirement: For students matriculating at Temple for the first time in the fall of 1996 and after, the Language or International Studies requirement of the Core Curriculum can be satisfied in one of the following ways. Students who entered Temple before the fall of 1996 will meet the requirements in force at the time they first matriculated.

NOTE: College of Liberal Arts and College of Science and Technology students who are candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree must complete both a Language and an International Studies content course requirement. These requirements are described under the Bachelor of Arts Requirements in the Colleges' sections of this bulletin.

  • Students may satisfy the Language option of this requirement by successfully completing the third semester (course number C061) of a language. During orientation, all students take an examination in the language of their choice in order to determine placement in the appropriate level language class or to win completion of this requirement in the event that an acceptable level of fluency has already been achieved. (The first, second, and third levels of all basic language study are numbered 0051, 0052, and 0061, respectively, except in Critical Languages.) Students whose native language is not English may fulfill this requirement by treating English as a foreign language; to qualify in this area, students should check with their advisers.
  • Students may satisfy the International Studies option of this requirement by successfully completing two 3 credit courses from the approved International Studies courses listed below, at least one of which is a course in non-western or Third World studies. Non-Western and Third World courses are preceded by an asterisk (*).
  • Students also may satisfy the Language or International Studies requirement by successfully completing the second semester (course number 0052) of a language and successfully completing one 3 credit course from the approved International Studies courses listed below.

Students may substitute an approved study abroad experience for one or both of the Core International Studies courses. Such programs as Temple University Rome, Temple University Japan, Temple in West Africa, the School of Communications and Theater program in London, and the Latin American Studies Semester will qualify as approved substitutes. Students who wish to fulfill their International Studies requirement with a study abroad program should discuss their interests with the academic advising center of their school or college.

International Studies Courses

African-American Studies
*C061 Africa in the 20th Century
*H091 Honors Africa in the 20th Century

*C061 Cultures of the World
C062 Development of an International Perspective
*C065 Origins of Cultural Diversity
*H091 Honors Cultures of the World

Art History
C148 Issues in National Cinema

Asian Studies
*C050 Asian Religions
*C084 Chinese and Japanese Literature in Cultural Context
*C086 East and South Asia

Critical Languages
*C084 Chinese and Japanese Literature in Cultural Context

*C115 Dance in Human Society

C055 Global Economic Issues

*C070 Africa, the Caribbean, and France: Literature, Culture and Race

Geography and Urban Studies
*C060 World Urban Patterns
*C063 African Development
*C086 East and South Asia
*H093 Honors African Development
*H095 Honors World Urban Patterns

C070 Literature and Culture of Central Europe
H090 Honors Literature and culture of Central Europe

Greek, Hebrew and Roman Classics
C077/X077 The Ancient City
C086 Israel in the Middle East
X090 Honors The Ancient City
R112 Race: Ancient and Modern

Health Education
C089 International Health

*C060 Third World History
*C061 World History: The Ancient World
*C062 World History: The Modern World
C063 War and Society
C065 Gender and History
C066 Modern Europe
H091 Honors War and Society
H095 Honors Gender and History
H096 Honors Modern Europe
*X093 Honors World History: The Ancient World
*X094 Honors World History: The Modern World

Latin American Studies
*C050 Perspectives on Latin America

Music Studies
*C062 Introduction to World Music

*C088 Philosophy East and West

Political Science
C052 Foreign Governments
C053 International Politics
H092 Honors Foreign Governments
H093 Honors International Politics

*C050 Asian Religions
C051 Western Religions
C053 World Religions
*H090 Honors Asian Religions
H091 Honors Western Religions
H093 Honors Introduction to World Religions

C051/X051 Comparative Societal Development
H091 Honors Comparative Societal Development

Tourism and Hospitality Management
*X081 Leisure and Culture in Developing Nations

Urban Education
*C060 Schooling and Development in Third World Societies

Women's Studies
C065 Gender and History
*C080 International Women's Writing

* Non-Western or Third World Course