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The Arts

Works of art - painting, sculpture, architecture, music, theater, dance, literature - are among the most significant representations of the cultures that produce them. Through the integration of intuitive and intellectual responses, students should gain a sensitivity to the expressiveness of The Arts. Inevitably, such courses will also suggest the wider implications of art in historical and social contexts.

Requirement: One three credit course from the approved list.

American Studies
H194 Honors The Arts in America

C001/X001 Introduction to Architecture
C017 Photography and Visual Literacy
C141 Architectural History: Ancient to Medieval
C142 Architectural History: Renaissance to 19th Century
C171/X171 History of the Form of Cities
H190 Honors Architectural History: Ancient to Medieval
H191 Honors Architectural History: Renaissance to Industrial Revolution
X192 Honors History of Cities Art

C059 Design
C069/X069 Drawing
C079 Painting
C089 Introduction to Visual Language -- 3-D Design
X099 Honors Drawing

Art History
C051 Visual Experience
C052 Arts of Asia
C055 Art Heritage I
C056 Art Heritage II
H095 Honors Art Heritage I
H096 Honors Art Heritage II
C193 History of Art in Rome

Asian Studies
C054 Arts of Asia

C120 Introduction to Ceramic Art

C110 Dance as Art
C112 Pathways in American Dance
H190 Entry into Dance as Art

C083 Introduction to Drama
C084/X084 Introduction to Literature
H093 Honors Introduction to Drama
H094 Honors Introduction to Literature

Film and Media Arts
X155 Introduction to Film and Video Analysis

Greek, Hebrew and Roman Classics
C071/X071 Greek Drama

C080 Art of Floral Design I

Music Education
C301 Songs: The Voice of Humanity

Music Studies
C061 Introduction to Music
C073 The Making of a Musical
H091 Honors Introduction to Music

C061 Art and Society

C081 Religion and the Arts

C025 Acting for Non-Majors
C110 Theater: The Collaborative Art