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Temple General Alumni Association
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John H. MacDonald, Executive Director
Raymond L. Burkley Alumni Center
West Balcony, Mitten Hall

The General Alumni Association (GAA) is dedicated to strengthening the University and enhancing relations among the University, the Association, and current and future alumni. Any former student with an earned Temple degree is a member of the GAA. Additionally, all alumni who have been graduated in the past fifteen years are members of The Young Alumni Association (YAA).

The GAA sponsors events such as Founder's Dinner and Homecoming as well as alumni outreach programs and the student oriented Student/Alumni Mentor Program through which students are given an early exposure to a variety of professionals for the purpose of career exploration.

Upon graduation, alumni are urged to keep the University informed of changes in career and address and to continue their association with Temple University through the many services of the GAA and the Office of Alumni Relations.