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Certificate in Sustainability


The University College is offering an undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability. This twelve credit interdisciplinary certificate will provide an opportunity for students to further their knowledge and skills to contribute to sustainable systems from the viewpoint of different disciplines, to help them become effective leaders and agents of change for sustainability, and to make them more competitive in the changing job market as some sectors move to a green collar economy.

The certificate is available to all undergraduate degree seeking students to complete as part of their studies. Consult a school academic advisor about how the required classes fit into academic and career plans. This credit certificate may be conferred upon a student upon satisfactory completion of the required credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Certificate Requirements

1. The undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability will require four (4) courses and a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours.

2. The courses will be selected among courses in four different departments in at least three different schools and must be outside of the student's own major.

3. General Education courses can be included in the array of courses, but can constitute no more than one of the four courses toward the certificate. If a student chooses a General Education course to count toward the certificate, this same course cannot count toward the General Education requirement in a specific category.

4. The certificate requires that three of the four courses be at the 2000 level or higher.

5. The certificate courses in sustainability can satisfy other minors and/or certificates.

Approved Courses

Students will select courses from an existing array of courses in various disciplines. The symbol (F) or (S) after the course number indicates that the class is offered ONLY in the semester indicated: (F) = offered only in fall semester; (S) = offered only in spring semester.


School / Subject Course # Course Title
Art, Tyler School of    
Architecture 1001 (S) Introduction to Design and the Environment
Art History 2753 Art and Environment in the American Culture
Business and Management, Fox School of    
Human Resource Management 2511 (S) Corporate Sustainability: People, Profits and Planet
Legal Studies 3511 (F) Environmental Law, Sustainability and Public Policy
Marketing 2511 (S) Marketing for the Sustainable Enterprise
Communications and Theater, School of    
Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Mass Media 3473 (S) Media and the Environment
Engineering, College of    
Civil Engineering / Environmental Engineering Technology 0845/0945 The Environment
Civil Engineering 3711 Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering 4531 (S) Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprinting
Mechanical Engineering 4575 (F) Renewable and Alternative Energy
Environmental Design, School of    
Community & Regional Planning 0807 People, Places, and the Environment
Community & Regional Planning 1017 (F) Introduction to Community and Regional Planning
Community & Regional Planning 2114 (S) Urban Form and Design
Community & Regional Planning 2166 (F) Land Use Planning
Community & Regional Planning 2213 Environmental Planning
Community & Regional Planning 2251 (F) Sustainable Food Systems Planning
Community & Regional Planning 3155 (F) Ecological Planning and Development
Community & Regional Planning 3255 (S) Sustainability in Suburban Communities
Community & Regional Planning 3256 (S) Sustainable Community Design and Development
Botany (LA-HORT) 1112 (S) Plant Ecology
Horticulture (LA-HORT) 2334 (S) Food Crops I
Landscape Architecture (LA-HORT) 0841 Sustainable Design
Landscape Architecture (LA-HORT) 1013 (F) Natural and the Built Environment
Landscape Architecture (LA-HORT) 2758 Summer Field Ecology
Health Professions and Social Work, College of    
Public Health 2102 Environmental Health
Liberal Arts, College of    
Anthropology / Geography & Urban Studies 0814 Human Ecology
Asian Studies / Environmental Studies / Geography & Urban Studies 3052 (F) Environmental Problems in Asia
Asian Studies / Environmental Studies / Religion 3001/3904 (F) Earth Ethics
Economics / Environmental Studies 3596 Energy, Ecology and Economy
Environmental Studies 3025 (F) Environmental Law and Regulation
Environmental Studies / Geography & Urban Studies 0842 Sustainable Environments
Environmental Studies / Geography & Urban Studies 1051 Environment and Society
Environmental Studies / Geography & Urban Studies 1052 Introduction to the Physical Environment
Environmental Studies / Geography & Urban Studies 2051 (F) Urban Environment
Environmental Studies / Geography & Urban Studies 3051 Environmental Policy Issues
Environmental Studies / Geography & Urban Studies 3097 Environment and Development
Environmental Studies / Geography & Urban Studies 4056 Political Ecology
Environmental Studies / History 3214 North American Environmental History
Environmental Studies / Philosophy 2157 (S) Environmental Ethics
Environmental Studies / Philosophy 2596 (F) Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment
Environmental Studies / Political Science 3265 (S) International Environmental Policy
Science and Technology, College of    
Biology 2227 (S) Principles of Ecology
Biology 3307 (F) Conservation Biology
Biology 3316 (F) Tropical Marine Biology
Biology 3321 (F) Plant Community Ecology
Biology 4327 (F) Biological Impacts of Global Climate Change
Earth & Environmental Science 0842 Sustainable Environments
Earth & Environmental Science 2096 Climate Change: Oceans to Atmosphere
Physics 0839/0939 Powering the Future




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