Undergraduate Course Descriptions 2010-2011
Last updated 10/8/2010

02434/Greek, Modern (GREEK)


Lower Division Courses

1001. Modern Greek Elements I (4 s.h.) F. RCI: LC.

(Formerly: CR LANG 0080.)

First semester of modern spoken Greek.

1002. Modern Greek Elements II (4 s.h.) S. RCI: LC.

(Formerly: CR LANG 0081.)

Prerequisite: Modern Greek 1001 (Critical Languages 0080) or permission of instructor.

Second semester of modern spoken Greek.

Upper Division Courses

2001. Modern Greek Intermediate I (3 s.h.) F. RCI: LC.

(Formerly: CR LANG C180.)

Prerequisite: Modern Greek 1002 (Critical Languages 0081) or permission of instructor.

Third semester of Modern Greek.

2002. Modern Greek Intermediate II (3 s.h.) S.

(Formerly: CR LANG 0181.)

Prerequisite: Modern Greek 2001 (Critical Languages C180) or permission of instructor.

Fourth semester of Modern Greek.

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Last updated 10/8/2010