Undergraduate Course Descriptions 2010-2011
Last updated 10/8/2010

01525/Management Science/Operations Management (MSOM)

Upper Division Courses

3101. Operations Management (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: MSOM 0105.)

Prerequisite: Statistics 2101/2901 (C021/H093) AND 2102/2902 (0022/H094), OR Statistics 2103/2903. Minimum grade of C- required in all prerequisite courses.

An examination of the activities necessary for the provision of the organizationís product or service. Planning and scheduling of operations, allocation of resources, including staffing requirements and equipment decisions, inventory control and production planning, waiting line problems, and quality.

Mode: Computer lab utilized for homework problems and exams.

3682. Independent Study (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: MSOM 0396.)

Prerequisite: Consultation with faculty member and approval of department chair.

Readings and/or papers under supervision of a faculty member.

3901. Honors Operations Management (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: MSOM 0195.)

Prerequisite: Statistics 2101 (C021) or 2901 (H093), and 2102 (0022) or 2902 (H094), or successful completion with a grade of C- or better of Statistics 2103/2903 or permission of instructor and junior standing.

Open only to business designated Honors students (or with special permission). May be used to fulfill the operations management requirement of the Fox School of Business and Management.

Note: The Honors version of MSOM 3101 (0105).

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Last updated 10/8/2010