Undergraduate Course Descriptions 2010-2011
Last updated 10/8/2010

01971/Middle Grades Education (MID GRD)


Upper Division Courses

4108. Teaching and Learning Science in the Middle Grades (3 s.h.)

The purpose of this course is to prepare pre-service teachers to teach science in the upper elementary and middle level settings. The course will be based on the “Big Ideas” in the field of science and science education and will focus heavily on scientific inquiry as a pedagogical approach and a learning goal. The Big Ideas in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth/Space Sciences will be integrated into the various classes along with themes, such as motivating students, assessing & moving student’s ideas toward science conceptions through inquiry, using questioning and flexible teaching methods (based on how children learn), and integrating science with other disciplines. Students will apply, evaluate, and reflect upon science teaching methods through class and lab activities, case studies, field experience assignments, and instructional technology (e.g., science web sites and videos). Assignments for the course will use the foundation fostered in the course to examine (a) science content, (b) student conceptions, (c) the meeting of theory and practice, (d) instructional resources (e.g., websites), and (e) lesson planning. NOTE: Background clearances required.

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Last updated 10/8/2010