Undergraduate Course Descriptions 2010-2011
Last updated 10/8/2010

01973/Mathematics Education, Elementary (M ED-E)


Upper Division Courses

3141. Teaching of Mathematics N-6 (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: M ED-E 0141.)

Prerequisite: Mathematics 1011 (C055) (or comparable course) and one course in either philosophy (Logic) or statistics or advanced mathematics. Must be admitted to the Teacher Certification Program.

The purpose of this course is to prepare prospective teachers to teach reform-based mathematics in elementary and middle school settings as suggested in the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 2000). The objectives of the course include integration of mathematics concepts and methods in order to focus on misconceptions in mathematics among preservice teachers as well as learning theories and standards-based instruction. The intent of the course is to enable students to enhance their mathematical skills and develop pedagogical knowledge. Furthermore, issues of equity and social justice will be discussed. Throughout the term, we will explore classroom materials, models, and technologies appropriate for teaching mathematics to all children, including those with learning disabilities.

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Last updated 10/8/2010