Undergraduate Course Descriptions 2010-2011
Last updated 10/8/2010

06002/Honors Program (UDHP)

The Temple University Honors Program offers Honors students the opportunity to engage in intellectually stimulating and challenging course work throughout their undergraduate career. For more information about the Honors Program, go to the Honors web site: www.temple.edu/honors.

Undergraduate Honors courses contain a 9 as the second digit of the course number and have "HONORS" as part of the title. The Honors Program produces its own course guide each semester. Students can obtain a copy of the Honors course guide and consult with an Honors advisor in Tuttleman Learning Center, Room 204. Questions related to Honors courses fulfilling Honors Program requirements should be addressed to an Honors advisor (215-204-0710).


Upper Division Courses

3991. Honors Scholars Research/Creative Project Design (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: UDHP H396.)

Prerequisite: Admission to the University Honors Scholars Program and permission of the Director of University Honors.

This course focuses on design and development of an independent research/creative arts project developed with the guidance of a faculty mentor. While some topics covered in the seminar will be specific to the seminar participants, common topics will include project specific research or design methodology, discipline appropriate theoretical readings, and the development of project specific theoretical/secondary bibliography. For University Honors Scholars only. Junior standing required. Fulfills University Honors Scholars requirement.

4999. Honors Scholars Thesis (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: UDHP H397.)

Prerequisite: UDHP 3991 (H396) and permission of the Director of the University Honors Program.

Under the direction of a faculty mentor, University Honors Scholars will develop to completion the research or creative arts project designed in UDHP 3991 (H396). University Honors Scholars are expected to have their completed thesis or creative arts project approved by their faculty mentor and an examining committee, and to present their work at a public forum. For University Honors Scholars only. Fulfills University Honors Scholars requirement.

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Last updated 10/8/2010