Undergraduate Course Descriptions 2009-2010
Last updated 10/20/2009

01932/Counseling Psychology (CN PSY)


Upper Division Courses

3571. Introduction to Counseling Psychology (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: CN PSY 0181.)

A lecture course providing an overview of the field of counseling psychology as well as the role and function of the counselor in community and educational settings. Basic theories and principles of the counseling process, skills career, assessment, and group counseling approaches (couples, families, addictions and others) are covered.

3572. Interviewing Techniques (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: CN PSY 0182.)

The theory and techniques of interviewing, especially as they apply to problems of educational, vocational, and social counseling, rehabilitation, and employment. Course includes learning skills and applying techniques in various work settings.

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Last updated 10/20/2009