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  Academic Programs / University Core

List of Writing-Intensive Courses

Below is a comprehensive list of approved Writing Intensive courses that will satisfy the Core Writing Intensive requirement. This list includes current courses as well as courses that are no longer offered. 

Some courses on this list fulfill the Writing Intensive requirement of the University Core and another Core requirement.  To determine which Core requirements a course fulfills, look for the Required Course Identifier (RCI) codes in the Course Descriptions catalog, the Course Schedule (TU Courses), or in the Course Renumbering web site.

The following are writing-related Required Course Identifier (RCI) codes and their meanings:

  • WI - Writing Intensive
  • WR - Writing Intensive and Studies in Race
  • XA - Writing Intensive, the Arts, and Studies in Race
  • XC - Writing Intensive, American Culture, and Studies in Race
  • XN - Writing Intensive, Individual & Society, and Studies in Race
  • XS - Writing Intensive, International Studies, and Studies in Race

Courses that are underlined in this list are designated departmental writing capstones. A writing capstone course is required in each academic major. If more than one capstone is listed here for a department, students in that major should consult their academic advisor to determine the appropriate course(s).

Courses in italics are no longer taught but still carry Core Writing-Intensive credit for students who have successfully completed them in previous semesters. The course numbers of those courses that begin with a letter (W, H, R, or X) are no longer offered.  The meanings of the letters are as follows:

  • Course numbers on this list that begin with W indicated writing-intensive courses.
  • Course numbers on this list that begin with H indicated writing-intensive courses that were part of the Honors Program.
  • Course numbers on this list that begin with R indicated writing-intensive courses that also fulfilled the Studies in Race requirement.
  • Course numbers on this list that begin with X indicated writing-intensive courses that also fulfilled one or two other Core requirements.

Effective first Summer Session 2007, currently approved Writing Intensive courses are numbered according to the Course Renumbering Guidelines.  The four-digit course numbers will end in 96, 97 or 98.  The course numbers for approved Honors Writing Intensive courses contain the number "9" as the second digit, end in 96, 97 or 98, and have "Honors" in the title.

Please note:

Non-Writing Intensive versions of Writing Intensive courses may also be offered. They have the same name as the Writing Intensive course, but they have not been designed to be writing-intensive and therefore, do not carry Core Writing Intensive credit.  The four-digit course numbers for these courses will not end in 96, 97, or 98.

Below is the comprehensive list of all approved Writing-Intensive courses--they are not all offered each semester.

3596 Auditing
4596 Senior Seminar in Accounting 

Actuarial Science
3596 Casualty Contingencies

Adult & Organizational Development

1096 Introduction to Communication for Educators

3396 Organizational Communication

4396 Field Research: Practice in Professional Settings


1196 Persuasive Writing

4196 Morality, Law and Advertising

African American Studies

1296 Introduction to African American Studies
3296 The Black Family 

4096 Senior Seminar

W054 Politics of Colonization  

W361 Studies in African American Literature

American Studies
2096 Asian Diaspora

2097 Asian Women in Transition

2098 Reading Culture

3096 The American Woman: Visions and Revisions

4097 Senior Seminar in American Studies
4098 Senior Independent Study

H190 Honors Radicalism in the United States
W140 Radicalism in the United States

W151 Asian American History

2396 Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology

4396 History of Anthropological Theory

4397 Advanced Seminar in Medical Anthropology
4496 Research in Visual Anthropology
4796 Biocultural Adaptations in Human Populations
4797 Evolutionary Perspectives on Reproduction

4798 Seminar in Human and Primate Evolution

4896 Environmental Physiology

W324 Seminar in Genetic Basis of Human Variation

W332 Anthropological Photography

1196 History of Form of Cities
1996 Honors History of Form of Cities

3096 Vernacular Architecture

3196 Nonwestern Architectural History Seminar
4096 Professional Practice

4596 Seminar in Architectural Theory
X001 Introduction to Design and the Environment

1496 Introduction to Visual Language: Drawing
1996 Honors Introduction to Visual Language: Drawing

4796 Art Seminar

Art History
2096 Art History Writing Intensive
2097 Art History Writing Intensive

2098 Art History Writing Intensive

2196 Greek and Roman Sculpture

2496 Baroque/Rococo: Italy and Spain
2497 Baroque/Rococo: Northern

3097 Art History Capstone

W111 Art of Greece  
W112 Art of Ancient Rome

W278 Art Nouveau 

Asian Studies
2096 Writing Seminar I
2097 Asian Diaspora

2098 Japanese Popular Culture and Its Literature
2696 Introduction to Islam

3096 Writing Seminar II

3696 Asian Women in Transition
4096 Seminar in Asian Studies
4696 Modern Japan: Empire, War, Society

W122 Introduction to Buddhism
W162 Indian Religion

W303 Topics in Asian Studies I
W304 Topics in Asian Studies II


3096 Cell Structure and Function
3196 Experimental Marine Biology

3396 Scientific Writing for Biology: The Art of Communicating

W202 Cell Function

Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Mass Media
3196 Writing Workshop

3296 Travel Writing
4296 History of Broadcasting 
4496 Global Telecommunications
4497 Mass Media and Children
4596 Broadcast Production Practicum

4597 Sports Production Practicum

4696 Communication in Organizations

W349 Advanced Topics in Social Processes

Business Administration

2196 Business Communications

2996 Honors Business Communications

4196 Global Business Policies
4996 Honors Global Business Policies

W391 Honors Business Policies


4196 Techniques of Chemical Measurement II 
4396 Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Civil & Construction Engineering Technology
4396 Capstone in Construction
4397 Capstone in Design

Civil Engineering
2396 Environmental and Safety Aspects of Construction

W001 Introduction to Civil Engineering

Communication Sciences & Disorders
1596 Introduction to Human Communication
2197 Communication Deviations and Disorders

3297 Syntax

4396 Orientation to Clinical Management

4397 Fieldwork in Linguistics

W106 Psychology of Communication

W311 Goals and Strategies for Communication Instruction

W360 Field Research in Communication

Community & Regional Planning

2496 Planning Communications

4896 Senior Community & Regional Planning Capstone Seminar

Computer & Information Sciences
4296 Information Systems Analysis and Design
4298 Software Engineering 
4396 Information Systems Implementation

4397 Independent Research in Computer Science

4398 Projects in Computer Science

W201 Information Systems Analysis and Design

W223 Data Structures and Algorithms 

W301 Project in Information Science


4196 Tyler Art Workshop in Scotland (capstone in Ceramics/Glass)
4496 Business Practices in Crafts (capstone in Metals)

W292 Metals Concepts and Criticism 

Criminal Justice
2696 Planned Change in Criminal Justice

W130 Nature of Crime

Critical Languages

W120 Japanese Popular Culture and Literature

H190 Honors Japanese Popular Culture and Literature


2796 Dance Modernism in America, 1890s-1950s
2896 Dance Post-Modernism in America, 1950s-Present  

2897 Creative Process in Dance
4896 Senior Seminar

Earth & Environmental Science (formerly named Geology)
2096 Climate Change: Oceans to Atmosphere

4096 Structural Geology 
4197 Environmental Seminar

4997 Honors Environmental Seminar

W301 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

3596 Energy, Ecology, and Economy
3597 Health Economics 
3598 Economics Writing Seminar

W237 Economic Development of Modern Europe
X051 Macroeconomic Principles

1196 Education and Schooling in America

Electrical Engineering
W090 Science and Technology: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
W091 Technology and the 21st Century
H094 Engineering from Pyramids to Microchips 

Electrical Engineering Technology
W166 Instrumentation and Measurement Laboratory

W373 Sensors and Data Acquisition


2196 Technical Communication

3096 Economic Analysis (was W141, W241)
3496 Materials Science for Engineers 
4196 Senior Design Project I
4296 Senior Design Project II
4996 Honors Senior Design Project II

Engineering Technology
3396 Materials Technology (was Materials Science)

4296 Engineering Technology Project II

W123 Materials Technology 

1197 Introduction to Literature

1198 Introduction to Fiction

2097 Introduction to English Studies

2196 Creative Writing: Poetry 

2197 Women in Literature
2296 Creative Writing: Fiction

2297 Shakespeare

2396 Creative Writing: Plays  
2496 Introduction to Writing Non-Fiction (was Developing Prose Style) 

2596 Writing for Business and Industry 
2696 Technical Writing 
2796 Writing the Research Essay
2897 Literacy and Society 
2898 Texts and Cultures of Science

3097 Feminist Theory

3196 Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry 
3197 Themes and Genres in Women's Literature 
3296 Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction

3396 Advanced Creative Writing: Plays

4096 Studies in Creative Writing  

4097 Studies in Criticism

4098 Studies in Modern British Literature
4196 Studies in Language and Literacy

4197 Studies in Poetry

4198 Studies in Irish Literature

4297 Studies in Drama
4298 Studies in Early American Literature

4397 Studies in Medieval Language and Literature
4398 Studies in 19th Century American Literature

4497 Studies in Shakespeare
4498 Studies in Modern American Literature
4597 Studies in Renaissance Literature

4598 Studies in African American Literature
4697 Studies in Restoration and 18th Century Literature

4698 Studies in World Literature
4797 Studies in Romanticism

4798 Advanced Topics: Postcolonial Studies
4897 Studies in the Victorian Age
4898 Studies in Film

H191 Honors Developing Advanced Literacy in College

W112 Technologies of Writing

W116 Survey of American Literature I  

W211 English Syntax

English Education, Elementary
3296 Teaching Language Arts: N-6
3297 Teaching Introductory Language, Reading, and Writing

Environmental Engineering Technology

4796 Pollution Control Processes

Environmental Studies (CLA)
2596 Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment

3097 Environment and Development

3596 Energy, Ecology & Economy

4096 Problems of Environmental Quality

4198 Senior Research Seminar

4297 Social History of American Medicine

4796 Biocultural Adaptations in Human Populations

4896 Environmental Physiology

X050 Environment and Society

Environmental Studies (CST)

4198 Senior Research Seminar - Environmental Science

Film & Media Arts

2396 Media Writing I

3396 Writing for Media II 

3696 Writing Intensive Film Study

4397 Screenwriting Master Class I

4398 Screenwriting Master Class II

4696 Senior Media Culture Thesis II

4697 Advanced Film History (formerly called History of Narrative Film)
4698 History of Documentary 

W362 Contemporary American Documentary 

4596 Seminar in Financial Management

4597 Seminar in Real Estate Asset Analysis

W213 Bank Management

2096 Composition I  
3096 Composition II

General & Strategic Management
4596 Advanced Entrepreneurship
W381 International Strategic Management

Geography & Urban Studies 
2097 Urban Systems in Global Economy
3096 Urban Policy Analysis (was W120, W221)

3097 Environment and Development

4096 Problems of Environmental Quality 

4097 Gender, Race, Class and the City
4197 Research Methods in Geography and Urban Studies
4198 Senior Seminar in Geography and Urban Studies

W050 Environment and Society

W060 World Urban Patterns

X080 Geography of the United States and Canada

3096 Composition I

Graphic Art & Design 

3096 The Business of Design

3896 Art Career Workshop
4196 Senior Portfolio

4496 Senior Seminar in Photography

W214 Graphic Design Workshop in Japan

Greek, Ancient
3096 Readings in Greek Literature I

Greek & Roman Classics
3096 Romans and Their Literature
3196 Classical Greek and Roman Mythology
3296 Comparative Mythology
3396 Classical Epic

3496 Writing Seminar
3596 Ancient Cities: Periclean Athens
3696 Ancient Cities: Hellenistic Alexandria
3796 Ancient Cities: Augustan Rome
3896 Ancient Cities: Byzantium
3897 Ancient Cities: Jerusalem

3996 Honors Comparative Mythology
W160 Ancient Historians
W161 Ancient Historians
W240 Literatures

W253 Hebrew Myth and Legend

W260 Topics in Cultures
W261 Topics in Cultures

W278 Jewish Humor: Past and Present

W279 Literature and Art of the Holocaust

W290 Classical Mythology 
W292 Topics in Classical Culture

X071 Greek Drama and Greek Culture  

Health Information Management 

4197 Human Resource Management in Health Information Systems

4298 Health Information Management Case Studies
W181 Acute Care Internship  
W281 Nonacute Care Internship

Health Related Professions

W312 Research Methodology

Healthcare Management
4596 Healthcare Quality and Risk Management
X101 Introduction to Healthcare Management

2797 Jewish Humor: Past and Present (was G+R CL W278)

3098 Advanced Hebrew Readings I

3797 Literature and Art of the Holocaust (was G+R CL W279)

3798 Writing Seminar


1997 Honors World History: Ancient

3296 Intermediate Writing Seminar in American History

3496 Intermediate Writing Seminar in European History
3696 Asian Women in Transition

3697 Intermediate Writing Seminar in African, Asian, Caribbean and Latin American History

4296 Writing Seminar in American History

4297 Social History of American Medicine (was W257, W370)

4496 Eastern Europe: Nationalism, Authoritarianism, and Communism (was W256, W355)

4497 Writing Seminar in European History
4696 Writing Seminar in Third World History

4697 Modern Japan: Empire, War, Society
4698 Revolutionary Mexico

4896 Jews, Judaism, and the Modern World
4897 Contemporary Theory and Practice of History

4997 Honors Thesis Seminar

W105 Beginnings of European Civilization 
W106 Medieval and Renaissance Europe
W111 Asian Diaspora

W156 Modern Jewish History

W178 Eastern Europe in the 20th Century

W257 History of American Medicine

W355 Eastern Europe: Nationalism, Authoritarianism, Communism (was W178)
X067 U.S. History to 1877

X094 Honors World History: Modern

4896 Senior Seminar

Human Resource Management
4596 Organizational Staffing and Career Management

Intellectual Heritage

1196 Intellectual Heritage I

1996 Honors Intellectual Heritage I

1297 Intellectual Heritage II

1997 Honors Intellectual Heritage II

2096 Composition I: Italian Composition and Conversation 
3096 Composition II: Advanced Writing Skills

4096 Creative Writing through Reading

2096 Japanese Popular Culture and Literature (formerly in Critical Languages department)

2996 Honors Japanese Popular Culture and Literature (formerly in Critical Languages department)

Jewish Studies
2496 Introduction to the Bible

2797 Jewish Humor Past and Present

3797 Literature and Art of the Holocaust
4096 Independent Study in Jewish Studies

4896 Modern Jewish History

W233 Jewish Humor: Past and Present


1196 Writing for Journalism

2396 Magazine Article Writing

3196 Journalism and the Law

3296 Travel Writing

4196 Multimedia Urban Reporting

4596 Broadcast Production Practicum

W323 Advanced Public Relations Writing

3296 The Social-Psychology of Physical Activity

Landscape Architecture
2496 Landscape Traditions (was W241, W318)
2497 American Traditions of Landscape Architecture (was W242, W319)

4198 Landscape Architecture Design VI: Spring Senior Studio (was W332, W393)
W318 Western Traditions of Landscape Architecture
W319 American Traditions of Landscape Architecture

W390 Fall Senior Seminar
W391 Spring Senior Seminar
W392 Fall Senior Studio

W393 Spring Senior Studio
W397 Senior Studio

3096 Readings in Latin Literature I

Latin American Studies

2097 Writing Seminar I
4097 Latin American Studies Seminar

4698 Revolutionary Mexico

W138 Topics in Latino Studies

W139 Topics in Caribbean Studies

W140 Topics in Latin American Studies I

W141 Topics in Latin American Studies II

Law S.B.M. (Legal Studies)
1996 Honors Law in Society

4596 Legal Research, Writing, and Advocacy
X093 Honors Tobacco in America
X199 Honors Law and Ethics in Business

Management Information Systems

3596 Business Process Analysis

4596 Information Systems Integration (formerly Information Systems Implementation)

3596 Consumer and Buyer Behavior 
4596 Marketing Strategy Planning

W361 E-Commerce Marketing Strategy


2096 Mathematical Recreations 
2196 Basic Mathematical Concepts

3096 Introduction to Modern Algebra

3098 Modern Algebra
4096 Senior Problem Solving

W062 A Cultural Approach to Mathematics 
W092 Honors A Cultural Approach to Mathematics 

W195 Honors Mathematical Recreations 
X195 Honors Mathematical Recreations A
X196 Honors Mathematical Recreations B

Mechanical Engineering Technology
W223 Materials Technology (was W123)

W361 MET Project I
W362 MET Project II

Music Education
2696 Teaching General Music to Inclusive Populations  
4696 Music Therapy Research 

Music Studies

3696 Music in History 
3796 Music in History
3896 Theory Seminar II


4197 Capstone in Neuroscience


3297 Research Methods
3796 Teaching Strategies for Health Professionals 
4197 Epidemiology in Nursing Systems

4297 Nursing Leadership

4896 Leadership for Registered Nurses

W202 Nursing IV

Occupational Therapy
W107 Clinical Reasoning I
W201 Applied Concepts of OT II
W205 Clinical Reasoning II 
W207 Clinical Reasoning III

Organizational Studies

4096 Senior Seminar in Organizational Studies

Painting, Drawing & Sculpture 
3596 Painting, Drawing, Sculpting Seminar 

1196 Introduction to Philosophy

2196 Perspectives on Science & Mathematics
2596 Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment

4297 Pre-Law Tutorial

4298 Senior Seminar

W050 Philosophic Issues
W293 Pre-Law Tutorial
X050 Philosophical Challenges to the Individual

4796 Experimental Physics

Political Science
1996 Honors Introduction to Political Philosophy

2496 Introduction to Political Philosophy
3196 Urban Politics and Problems 
3197 Political Fiction 
3296 Politics of Modern Capitalism 
3396 The International Legal Order

3996 Junior Honors Capstone Seminar
3997 Junior Honors Capstone Seminar

4896 Capstone Seminar in Political Science

4996 Senior Honors Capstone Seminar
4997 Senior Honors Capstone Seminar


1996 Honors Psychology as a Social Science

2196 Scientific Thinking in Psychology 
4496 Capstone: History of Psychology

4596 Capstone: Fields of Psychology

4696 Capstone in Psychology

4796 Capstone: Research

4996 Capstone: Honors

4998 Honors Research Problems 

W270 Research Methods: Learning 
W271 Research Methods: Sensation and Perception 
W274 Research Methods: Personality and Social Psychology
W275 Research Methods: Behavioral Neuroscience
W276 Research Methods: Cognitive Neuropsychology
W278 Research Methods: Developmental Psychology
W279 Research Methods: Applied Research Methodology

Public Health

3496 Introduction to Community Health Programs
3596 Administration of Health Education Programs

W312 Research and Evaluation

Real Estate
W106 Real Estate Valuation I

2096 Death and Dying

2496 Introduction to the Bible
2596 What is Christianity?

2696 Introduction to Islam
2996 Honors Death and Dying
4096 Capstone Seminar in Religion

W106 Religions of India
W122 Introduction to Buddhism

Risk Management & Insurance
4596 Advanced Topics in Health and Welfare Employee Benefits (was W320, W355)
4597 Global Corporate Risk Management

W218 Casualty Contingency

W360 Advanced Risk Management and International Insurance

4097 Fourth Year Russian I: Composition and Conversation

4198 Writing with Russian Sources

Secondary Education

3796 Reading Problems in the Secondary Schools

Social Work 
4096 Seminar in Social Work Practice
4097 Seminar in Social Work Practice

4396 Introduction to Social Research

4397 Evaluating Programs and Practice in Social Work


1196 Introduction to Sociology
1297 Comparative Societal Development

1396 Sociology of Race and Racism
1496 American Ethnicity

1696 Men and Women in American Society
1996 Honors Introduction to Sociology
3196 Sociology of Education
3296 Selected Topics in Sociology: Popular Culture 
3297 Political Sociology (capstone prior to 2002)
3596 Sociology of Organizations (capstone prior to 2002)

3597 Introduction to Population Studies: Demography 
4096 Senior Seminar
(was Doing Sociology in the Real World) (capstone as of 2002)
H099 Honors Sociology of Race and Racism

W216 Altered States of Consciousness 

W241 Development of Sociological Thought 

W249 Class in Modern Society (capstone prior to 2002)
W253 Aging: Sociology of Gerontology (capstone prior to 2002)

X092 Honors Men and Women in American Society

2096 Composition (formerly Composition and Conversation)
3096 Advanced Analysis and Writing Skills

3996 Honors Advanced Analysis and Writing Skills

Strategic & Organizational Communication 

2296 Campaigns and Movements in America
2496 News Writing and Media Relations

2696 Diverse Communication and Leadership

2996 Honors Campaigns and Movements in America

3396 Analysis of Public Discourse

3596 Advanced Public Relations Writing

3796 Independent Research in Organizational Leadership


1096 Introduction to Theater Process
3096 Classical Tradition
3097 Romantic Tradition

4097 World of the Play

4997 Honors World of the Play

Therapeutic Recreation

3196 Research and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation

4196 Therapeutic Recreation Clinical Procedures

Tourism & Hospitality Management
1496 Leisure in American Culture

3196 Research Methodology

X081 Leisure and Culture in Developing Nations

Tyler School of Art
1197 Art, Race and the American Experience

Women's Studies

1096 Introduction to Women’s Studies

1197 American Women's Lives
1696 Men and Women in American Society

2096 The Politics of Diversity
2197 Women in Literature

2996 Honors Politics of Diversity

3096 The American Woman: Visions and Revisions

3097 Feminist Theory

3197 Themes and Genres in Women's Literature

3997 Honors Feminist Theory

4097 Gender, Race, Class and the City

4396 Research Seminar in Women's Studies

4696 Women in Modern Asia

W115 Special Topics: Women's Studies

W375 Italian Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present
X091 Honors Introduction to Women’s Studies

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