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Office of Academic Records
200 Conwell Hall
1801 North Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122


215-204-6626 (fax)


General Information

Students planning to register for classes should obtain a Guide to Registration. Separate editions are produced for the spring, and summer/fall semesters.

This publication contains important advising and registration information and provides lists of the courses offered, including listings by Learning Community, CORE, General Education and Distance Learning. Copies are available in each advising office and online at www.temple.edu/registrar.

Detailed information regarding courses offered (day, time, location, instructor) is on the Course Schedule web site at www.temple.edu/tucourses.

Advising is required prior to initial registration for students who must register on campus and is strongly recommended for all students who register through OWLnet at http://owlnet.temple.edu. Students should contact their school, college, or department advisors for appointments or information. Generally, advisors and students review options and requirements, select courses, and complete and sign a registration form when necessary. For further information on academic advising, please see Advising under the Student Support and Services section of the Bulletin.

Also, read the Registration Dates & Information section provided on the web site of the Office of Academic Records.

Registration Policies

Enrollment is not complete until payment of tuition and fees has been made and processed through the Department of the Bursar. Failure to satisfy billing & financial obligations may result in cancellation of a student's current registration; withholding of official transcripts, degrees, and diplomas; denial of the right to register for future sessions; and the assessment of late fees and collection costs.

Students who withdraw from classes by the end of a term's drop/add period (the end of the second week of the fall and spring semesters and summer sessions) will have the courses deleted from their rosters. This will relieve them of academic responsibility and in many instances financial responsibility associated with the course.

Students who withdraw from classes after the drop/add period are responsible for full payment of all tuition and fees. These courses will be recorded on the transcript with the notation of "W," indicating that the student withdrew. Unpaid tuition balances may be referred for collection and students may be held liable for paying all associated collection costs and/or legal fees.

Continuing Student Registration

Continuing Student Registration is the period in which all currently enrolled, matriculated students are required to register. Each semester, currently enrolled students are sent an e-mail and a postcard containing the registration schedule.

An installment tuition payment plan is available for students who register for the fall or spring semesters during these periods. See the Tuition and Fees section of the Bulletin as well as the printed Guide to Registration for payment information.

Please note the following important information with respect to continuing registration for matriculated students (graduates and undergraduates) enrolled in the current semester:

  • For fall semester, held mid-March, with initial fall semester E-bills sent beginning in late July and due mid-August.
  • For spring semester, held mid-October, with initial spring semester E-bills sent beginning in December and due in January.
  • Continuing, matriculated students (graduates and undergraduates) may continue to register beyond these dates but must register for their next semester by stated deadlines or risk a late registration penalty. Generally, they must be registered for the spring semester no later than the last day of the fall semester and for the fall semester by July 31. See the Guide to Registration and Registration Dates & Information for the specific deadlines in each fall and spring semester.

Open Registration

Open registration is available:

  • For new students, readmitted students, and continuing students who could not register during continuing student registration
  • For fall semester, held April to late August
  • For spring semester, held November to mid-January

An installment tuition payment plan is available for most students who register during this period. See Tuition and Fees and the printed Guide to Registration for payment information and registration dates.

Late Registration

Temple conducts late registration at the beginning of each semester or summer session. Registration appointments may be required. 

A late fee of $50.00* will be assessed beginning the first day of classes in the fall and spring semesters and each summer session. No initial registrations or registration revisions will be processed after the first week of classes of the fall and spring semesters and second day of the summer sessions. These charges and restrictions apply to both initial and reinstated registrations and are subject to change.

* This fee is assessed earlier to continuing matriculated students who delay their fall or spring registration. See Continuing Student Registration above.

Schedule Revision (Drop/Add)

Students may revise their schedules at any time after they have registered. Students who cannot register online but wish to make changes in their course schedules must do so in their schools and colleges. Approvals required vary according to the time the transaction is completed. See the Schedule Revision Matrix in the Guide to Registration for more information.

These students must:

  • Obtain a schedule revision form from their advising office.
  • Complete the form with appropriate signatures.
  • Take the completed form to their campus registration office.

Students may not add courses or change course sections after the first week of fall and spring semesters and second day of the summer sessions. Course sections may be dropped through the second week of the fall and spring semesters and summer sessions. Withdrawing from a course within the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters or the summer session results in the deletion of the class from the student's roster. In some instances, it also relieves the student of the financial liability associated with the deleted course. If a refund is due, the provisions of the refund policy will apply.

A charge of $12.00 is assessed for schedule revision after the first week of classes during the fall and spring semesters and after the first two days of the summer sessions. This fee is assessed each day that a revision is transacted. See Schedule Revision and Withdrawal from Classes in the Academic Policies and Regulations section of this Bulletin.

Student Identification Cards

OWL Cards (student IDs) are produced on the Main Campus by the Office of Student Academic Records during New Student Orientation. At other times throughout the semester, ID cards are produced by the Diamond Dollars Office.

An OWL Card is needed for entry into buildings, library privileges, and many university services.

Replacement cards are available on the Main Campus in the Diamond Dollars Office, 1910 Liacouras Walk; the Office of Academic Records, Second Floor, Conwell Hall; and the Office of Student Financial Services, Ground Floor, Carnell Hall. The cost of a replacement is $10.00.

ID cards also are issued on the Ambler Campus, Tyler Campus, Health Sciences Center, and on scheduled days and times at the Center City Campus.

Additional Registration Information


Veterans may enroll as full-time or part-time students; however, benefits are based on enrollment status. The Veterans Coordinator in the Office of Student Academic Records is available to answer questions concerning V.A. benefits at 215-204-7358.

International Students

If a student is on a non-immigrant visa, enrollment for a minimum of 12 credits each semester is required to meet immigration regulations. Non-resident tuition charges are assessed.

Continuing Education Students

(Non-matriculated students attending Temple prior to formal admission into a degree program)

There is no formal application to enroll as a Continuing Education student; however, first-time enrollers are asked to provide documentation of education completed (high school transcript, GED certificate, college transcripts [minimum 2.00 GPA required], or college diploma). First-year, non-matriculated students may register for a maximum of 11 credits per semester. Second-year, non-matriculated student registrations are based upon academic progress. However, undergraduate non-matriculated students are prohibited from registering via OWLnet and must register through their Continuing Education office. Continuing Education students must apply for admission by the completion of 30 s.h. Preadmission counseling, academic advising, registration, and other support services are provided for non-matriculated students. Also see the Continuing Education web site for more information.

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