02600/Tyler School of Art (TYLER)


Lower Division Courses

1197. Art, Race, and the American Experience (3 s.h.) F S. Core: XC.

(Formerly: TYLER R188.)

The course will examine manifestations of racism in our society and their reflection in the art world. Areas of major focus will include non-white influences on American artists; the exclusion of artists of color from the mainstream; the perpetuation of racist practices toward culturally diverse art forms and artists; the attitudes, behaviors, and expectation of students toward art and race.

Upper Division Courses

3385. Field Internship (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: TYLER 0351.)

Prerequisite: A written proposal must be developed and agreed upon before the beginning of the semester, describing the setting and the time commitment, which must equal at least 10 hours per week for the full semester.

A field internship must provide practical experience in a setting which is relevant to the student's course of study, such as in a gallery, museum or community art center, etc. A comprehensive paper must be written.

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